Pride in the Panhandle

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  • Pride

    Banner Co. rancher motivated by reverence for bison

    HARRISBURG — Banner County rancher Rick Forepaugh manages an operation that’s been in his family for years. He learned a lot about the business from his father. He tracks the bloodlines of his livestock and makes a living selling animals to the meat industry.

  • Pride

    'Dog days' is a year-round expression for Jobman

    While some dogs go to obedience school to be house broken, learn to sit, lay down and roll over, there is a special school in Bayard that can teach your dog how to expertly hunt and retrieve water foul and prairie birds.

  • Pride

    Cirrus House director has many interests, passions

    Brent Anderson, executive director for the Cirrus House in Scottsbluff, is more than somebody who works a 9-to-5 job. He is defined by a lot of things, writer, artist, Christian, Bushidokan expert, and loving father and husband. He is what many might call a Renaissance Man, someone who has a variety of interests and strives to do well at all of them.

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