Details for December 17, 2019 A regular meeting of the Minatare City

December 17, 2019 A regular meeting of the Minatare City Council was held in the Council Rooms in open and public session at 6:00 pm Present were: Mayor Bob Baldwin, Council Members: Jon Grumbles, Marcella Kreiling, Eric Longoria and Lynn Wright. Also present were: City Attorney Jim Ellison, Sgt. Jed Combs, Lt. Bryan Martinez, Tom Case and City Clerk Carolyn Nelson. Notice of the meeting was given in advance by posting in three designated places, the method of giving notice as shown by Certificate of Posting Notice attached to these minutes. Availability of the agenda was communicated to the Mayor and Council of this meeting, and a copy of their acknowledgment of receipt of the minutes and the agenda is attached to these minutes. All proceedings hereafter shown while the meeting was open the attendance of the public. Mayor opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance, he also pointed out the open meetings poster to the public. Motion to accept the agenda, minutes and claims was made by Kreiling and seconded by Grumbles. Roll call was all yeas. The following claims were read and audited: Franklin Templeton $286.80, EFPTS $3,425.81, Dept of Revenue (Sales Tax) $886.64, Tasc $95.00, Black Hills Gas $1,038.09, Presto X $167.12, Dearborn Life Insurance $55.04, Verizon $149.26, Walmart $19.38, N.P.PD. $2,830.40, Mobius $61.00, Ellison, Kovarik and Turman $836.00, Charter Communications $200.40, AFLAC $192.92, Judy Hoatson $1,825.00, Bytes $343.00, Usable Life $35.25, Fire Dept. $50.00, NE Print Works $120.70, Ideal Linen Supply $211.90, Visa $151.26, Western Travel Terminal $806.11 Enviro Service $20.00, Police Sinking Fund $416.67, Waste Management $5,987.08, Post Master $105.00, John Deere Financial $76.99, Jon Leider $50.00, Bluffs Sanitary Supply $64.03, Kevin Schneider $50.00, Fyr-Tek 2,991.87, R R Donnelly $41.96, Fat Boys Tire $15.50, One Call Concepts $6.93, Sandberg Implement $314.98, City of Gering 4300.00, Municipal Supply $68.01,Briston Ring $50.00, HFE Pocess $209.36,Broke Spoke $516.95, Travelers Insurance $1480.00, City of Scottsbluff $3,558.37, Postmaster $105.00, USDA Payment Reserve $784.00, USDA Asset Management $784.00, Blue Cross-Blue Shield $1,577.89, Menards $136.90, Staples $170.31, Gall's $398.94, Hawkins $16.80, Gering Courier $67.95, $760.25 One Call Concepts $4.53, Action Communication $19.01, Payroll $12,965.79. City attorney, Jim Ellison reported to Council the amount received from the sale of three properties that were sold by tax sale. There was a discrepancy on one property that did not show that it sold. Jim will check into the matter. Sewer plans for the Skinner property have been drawn up and will be submitted to the DEQ for approval. When approval is received the bids will be taken. Grumbles moved and Wright seconded to purchase two new computers from Bytes Computer at a cost of $2200.00. One is for the police department and one is for the City office. Roll call was all yeas. December 17, 2019 A discussion was held concerning a drop box at the new City office. Clerk will do some checking and see how and where one can be placed. Motion to accept the following appointments was made by Kreiling: 2019-2020 APPOINTMENTS City Attorney------------------------------Ellison. Kovarik & Turman Law Firm Street Superintendent--------------------Jeff Wolfe Financial Institute------------------------Platte Valley Bank City Paper---------------------------------Gering Courier Clerk/Treasurer---------------------------Carolyn Nelson Water Commissioner--------------------Carolyn Nelson Lieutenant---------------------------------Bryan Martinez City Inspector-----------------------------Rod Sterkel City Auditor-------------------------------Contryman Assoc. 2019-2020 COMMITTEES Streets & Alleys--------------------------Longoria & Wright Parks & Buildings------------------------Kreiling & Wright Water & sewer----------------------------Grumbles & Longoria Police Commission----------------------Grumbles & Wright Sgt at Arms-------------------------------Officer on Duty Motion was seconded by Grumbles. Roll call was all yeas. Motion carried. Motion by Kreiling to allow five hundred dollars or less for a new door for the Plolice Dept. with self locking mechanism. Wright seconded the motion. Roll call was taken and the vote was as all Yeas. Motion carried. A discussion was held concerning the chain of command for the Police Dept. Council said that the proper steps need to been taken when the employee has a problem. No further business to come before the Council, motion to adjourn at 6:50 p.m. was made by Kreiling and seconded by Grumbles. Roll all was all yeas. Motion carried. /s/ Bob Baldwin Bob Baldwin, Mayor ATTEST: /s/ Carolyn Nelson Carolyn Nelson Published in the Gering Courier, Gering, NE 1t. January 23, 2020


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