Details for (Edited for Publication) The Scottsbluff City Council met in a

(Edited for Publication) The Scottsbluff City Council met in a regular meeting on November 4, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of City Hall, 2525 Circle Drive, Scottsbluff. A notice of the meeting had been published on November 2, 2019, in the Star Herald, a newspaper published and of general circulation in the City. The notice stated the date, hour and place of the meeting, that the meeting would be open to the public, that anyone with a disability desiring reasonable accommodations to attend the Council meeting should contact the City Clerk's Office, and that an agenda of the meeting kept continuously current was available for public inspection at the office of the City Clerk in City Hall; provided, the City Council could modify the agenda at the meeting if it determined that an emergency so required. A similar notice had been emailed to each council member, made available to radio stations KNEB, KMOR, KOAQ, and television stations KSTF and NBC Nebraska, and the Star Herald. The notice was also available on the city's website and posted at City Hall, Lied Scottsbluff Public Library and the Public Safety Building on November 1, 2019. Mayor Gonzales presided and City Clerk Wright recorded the proceedings. The meeting was called to order and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Mayor Gonzales welcomed everyone in attendance and encouraged all citizens to participate in the Council meeting asking those wishing to speak to come to the microphone and state their name and who they are representing for the record. Mayor Gonzales informed those in attendance that a copy of the Nebraska open meetings act is posted in the back of the room on the west wall for the public's review. The following Council Members were present: Raymond Gonzales, Jeanne McKerrigan, Nathan Green, and Terry Schaub. Also present were City Attorney Kent Hadenfeldt and City Manager Nathan Johnson. Absent: Scott Shaver. Mayor Gonzales asked if there were any changes to the agenda. There were none. Mayor Gonzales asked if any citizens with business not scheduled on the agenda wished to include an item providing the City Council determines the item requires emergency action. There were none. Council by majority vote: 1. Approved the minutes of the October 21, 2019 Regular Meeting. 2. Approved the following claims be paid as provided by law out of the respective funds designated in the list of claims dated November 4, 2019, as on file with the City Clerk and submitted to the City Council: CLAIMS ACCELERATED RECEIVABLES SOLUTIONS, WAGE ATTACHMENT, 219.3; ACTION COMMUNICATIONS INC., SIREN - WESTMOOR POOL, 27211.18; ADVANCE AUTO PARTS POLICE #6- PADS, ROTORS, BRAKES, 296.55; AIRGAS USA, LLC, WELDING WIRE FOR TREE DUMP, 45.93; ALLO COMMUNICATIONS, LLC, LOCAL TELEPHONE CHARGES, 4026.81; AMAZON.COM HEADQUARTERS, MISC., 748.72; AMERICAN WATER WORKS ASSOCIATION, MEMBERSHIPS, 204; B & H INVESTMENTS, INC, DEP. SUP. - LIBRARY, 295.5; BLACK HILLS GAS DISTRIBUTION LLC,MONTHLY ENERGY BILL, 1868.92; BLUFFS SANITARY SUPPLY INC., MEDICAL GLOVES AND HAND CLEANER, 106.59; CAPITAL BUSINESS SYSTEMS INC., CONTRACTUAL-PD, 44; CARR-TRUMBULL LUMBER CO, INC., GROUND MAINT PARK, 679.71; CELLCO PARTNERSHIP, CELL PHONES-PD, 1928.96; CHANNELL COLLIN, CONTRACTUAL, 45; CITIBANK N.A.,TIME CLOCKS FOR SANITATION AND TREE DUMP, 1871.54; CITIBANK, N.A.,DEPT SUPPLIES, 15; CLARK PRINTING LLC, TIME CARDS FOR ES AND TREE DUMP, 151.75; COATS CALEB, CONTRACTUAL, 90; CONTRACTORS MATERIALS INC., MIKASA PLATE COMPACTOR, 2504.88; CORE & MAIN LP, EQUIPMENT, 50872.89; CRESCENT ELECT. SUPPLY COMP INC, SUPP - CONDUIT, 49.44; CROELL INC, CONCRETE FOR STREET REPAIR, 2650.13; CYNTHIA GREEN, DEPT SUPP ADM,171.47; D & H ELECTRONICS INC., DEPT SUP, 75.65; DAS STATE ACCOUNTING- CENTRAL FINANCE, MONTHLY LONG DISTANCE, 151.25; DECLUE ARRETT, CONTRACTUAL, 75; DILLMAN NANCY, PRGRM., 7.98; DUANE E. WOHLERS, HAULING RECYCLING TO DENVER, CO, 800; DYNA-TECH ELECTRIC INC, BLDG MAINT-PD, 680; ELLIOTT EQUIPMENT COMPANY INC., BLACK ROLL OUT CONTAINERS X 56,4088; EMBLEM ENTERPRISES INC, UNIFORMS-PD, 98.95; ENERGY LABORATORIES, INC DEPT 6250, SAMPLES, 135; ENFORCEMENT VIDEO, LLC, EQUIP MAINT-PD, 375; FASTENAL COMPANY, EQUIPMENT MTC., 6.03; FAT BOYS TIRE AND AUTO, NEW TIRES FOR PICKUP,1438; FEDERAL EXPRESS CORPORATION, POSTAGE, 263.59; FLOYD'S TRUCK CENTER SCOTTSBLUFF, REPAIRS TO UNIT #8 15,742.67; FRANCISCO'S BUMPER TO BUMPER INC, TOW SERVICE-PD, 100; FREMONT MOTOR SCOTTSBLUFF, LLC, POLICE #2- LAMP ASSY,535.47; GENERAL ELECTRIC CAPITAL CORPORATION, DEPT SUP, 1620.49; HARRIS KYLER, CONTRACTUAL, 45; HAWKINS, INC., CHEMICALS, 4276.61; HD SUPPLY FACILITIES MAINTENANCE LTD, DEPT SUP, 3372.64; HORIZON WEST, INC, EQUIPMENT- TRACTOR AND MOWER DECK FOR TREE DUMP, 22835; HULLINGER GLASS & LOCKS INC., BUILDING MAINT, 328.3; HYDRONIC WATER MANAGEMENT, BLDG. MAIN., 850; IDEAL LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS, INC., MOPS, RUGS, SHOP TOWELS,535.47; INGRAM LIBRARY SERVICES INC, BKS., 92.66 ;INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, WITHHOLDINGS, 59760.52; INTRALINKS, INC, EQUIP MAINT PD, 57.09; JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL, UNIFORMS, 1539.77; JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL,GROUND MAINT ARK, 34.95; JOHN DEER EFINANCIAL, EQUIP MAINT PARK, 74.28; KIRK BERNHARDT, CONTRACTUAL, 90; KNOW HOW LLC, DEPT SUPPLIES, 1049.74; KRIZ DAVIS, SUPP - CONDUIT FOR 18TH ST. PLAZA, 9.24; LAWSON PRODUCTS, INC, CENTRAL GARAGE- SOLVENT & WHEEL WEIGHT, 50.1; LEAGUE ASSOCIATION OF RISK MANAGEMENT, ENDORSEMENT #7 - METER INFRASTRUCTURE EQUIP., 321.12; LEAL JORGE, RE- IMBURSEMENT FOR DIESEL FUEL, 85.04; LINCOLN COUNTY SHERIFF, LEGAL FEES-PD, 21.05; LOMBARD MATTHEW, UNIFORMS-PD, 12128.5; MACQUEEN EQUIPMENT INC, EQUIP MAINT, 3663.32; MENARDS, INC, DEPT SUP, 1210.79; MICHAEL B KEMBEL, BUILD MAINT CEM, 197; MONUMENT CAR WASH INC, VEH MAINT, 38.24; MULLEN MITCH, CONTRACTUAL, 75; NE COLORADO CELLULAR, INC, CONTRACTUAL SVC, 75.66; NE DEPT OF REVENUE, LODGING TAX,432.75; NEBRASKA MACHINERY CO, TRANS #447- SWITCH, 109.28; NEBRASKA PUBLIC POWER DISTRICT,ELECTRIC, 22920.08; NEBRASKA STATE TREASURER'S OFFICE, UNCLAIMED PROPERTY,349.98; NELSON HUNTER, CONTRACTUAL, 90; NEMNICH AUTOMOTIVE, ES #802- ALIGNMENT, 79.88; NEWMAN, TIMOTHY, CONF. EXPENSE, 120; NORTHWEST PIPE FITTINGS, INC. OF SCOTTSBLUFF, SUPPLIES - MINI PARK, 62.44; OLSON JOSEPH, CONTRACTUAL, 45; OREGON TRAIL PLUMBING, HEATING & COOLING INC, BUILD MAINT ADM, 310; PANHANDLE ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES INC, SAMPLES, 160; PANHANDLE HUMANE SOCIETY, CONTRACTUAL, 5278.08; PLATTE VALLEY BANK, HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNT, 9799.26; POSTMASTER, POSTAGE, 708.24; PRO OVERHEAD DOOR, DEPT SUP, 3787.45; PROTEX CENTRAL, INC.,CONTRACTUAL SVC, 662.33; QUILL CORPORATION, DEPT & JANIT SUPPL-PD, 694; REAMS SPRINKLER SUPPLY CO., GROUND MAINT PARK, 1141.7; REGANIS AUTO CENTER, INC, POLICE #6- SHAFTS, 673.74; REGIONAL CARE INC, HEALTH INS. PREMIUM - NOV. 2019, 80240.81; REVIZE LLC, ANNUAL FEE (12/1/19-11/30/2020) WEBSITE, 2568; RODRIGUEZ JOSE R, TOW SERVICE-PD, 500; ROOSEVELT PUBLIC POWER DISTRICT, ELECTRIC POWER, 1898.42; RR DONNELLEY, DEPT SUPPL-PD, 321.33; RURAL HEALTH DEVELOPMENT, INC., ECON DEV, 6383.33; S M E C, EMPLOYEE DEDUCTION, 146.5; SAFELITE FULFILLMENT, INC, VEH MAINT PARK, 307.98; SANDBERG IMPLEMENT, INC, EQUIP MAINT CEM, 1.56; SCOTTSBLUFF MOTOR CO, INC, ADMIN IMPALA- LAMP, 113.6; SCOTTSBLUFF SCREENPRINTING & EMBROIDERY, LLC, UNIFORMS PARK, 576; SHERWIN WILLIAMS, DEPT SUPPLIES, 356.9; SIMON CONTRACTORS, CONCRETE FOR STREET REPAIR, 5729.95; SNELL SERVICES INC., BLDG. MAIN., 133.5; SOUNDSLEEPER SECURITY INC., CONTRACTUAL -PD, 14.95; STATE HEALTH LAB, SAMPLES, 772; STATE OF NE.,CONTRACTUAL-PD,1155; TERRI ROSE, SUPP - INK, PAPER, DESK CALENDARS, 190.42; THOMPSON MATTHEW, CONTRACTUAL, 45; TOYOTA MOTOR CREDIT CORPORATION, HIDTA CAR LEASE, 343.53; TWIN CITY ROOFING & SHEETMETAL, INC, HAIL STORM REPAIR, 9711; TYLER TECHNOLOGIES, INC, EPSON RECEIPT PRINTER MAINTENANCE - ANNUAL, 1328.79; UNION BANK & TRUST, RETIREMENT, 39053.81; US BANK,2015 LEASING CORP BONDS, 1583484.42; US BANK,CONF. EXPENSE,8776.31; WESTERN NE COMMUNITY COLLEGE,SCHOOLS & CONF-PD,30; WESTERN PATHOLOGY CONSULTANTS, INC,ANNUAL FEE - RANDOM POOL MGNT - 2020,200; WOMACK MATTHEW, CONTRACTUAL, 90; ZM LUMBER INC, DEPT SUPPLIES, 38.43; 3. Approved a Community Festival Permit for the "Decorate the New Christmas Tree" Event at the 18th Street Plaza, sponsored by the Downtown Scottsbluff Association on November 30, 2019 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. including vendors and noise permit. 4. Approved a Community Festival Permit for the Holiday Parade and Special Events on Broadway, sponsored by the Downtown Scottsbluff Association on December 1, 2019 from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. including street closures, vendors, and noise permit. 5. Approved Resolution 19-11-01 authorizing the Mayor to sign an Agreement with the State of Nebraska Department of Transportation and BNSF Railway to install a concrete crossing surface, railroad crossing signals and activation equipment on Avenue I for the Monument Valley Pathway North Project. 6. Approved forming a committee consisting of City Manager Nathan Johnson, Council Member McKerrigan, and Council Member Green to meet with the Riverside Zoological Foundation to negotiate terms of an Agreement. 7. Rescinded a motion to have the Mayor authorize the agreement with Mail Finance for stamps on mail for the Police Department. 8. Approved the agreement with Mail Finance for stamps on Mail for the Police Department and authorized the Mayor to sign the Agreement. 9. Approved the Scotts Bluff County Mutual Aid Association Mutual Aid Agreement and authorized the Mayor to sign the Agreement. 10. Approved Franchise Agreements with Spectrum Mid-America, LLC and Allo Communications, LLC and authorized the Mayor to sign the Agreements. 11. Adjourned the meeting at 6:50 p.m. /s/ Raymond Gonzales, Mayor ATTEST: /s/ Kimberley Wright, City Clerk For further detailed information, a complete text of the minutes, resolutions and ordinances are on file in the office of the City Clerk and are available for public inspection during regular business hours. Published in the Star-Herald, Scottsbluff, Ne. 1t. December 4, 2019


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