Details for McNamee Auction Guns Ammunition


Saturday, October 26th – Starting at 10 AM
In the Rendezvous Center At The
Goshen County Fairgrounds – Torrington WY

Guns & Ammunition, Rifles* Remington Mohawk 10C .22 auto.
SN 2362221* Marlin Original Golden 39A .22 – SN 26154881*
Winchester 275 pump .22 mag. w/3-7 scope. SN B821399*
Winchester Model 9422M .22 Mag. SN F150276* Mossberg 640KD
Chuckster .22 mag. SN 955050* Marlin 17VS - .17HMR w/stainless
barrel, laminate stock, 3-9 scope, SN 97668192* Ruger, model
77/22VHZ, .22 Hornet w/laminate stock, gray stainless barrel, 3-9
scope. SN 720-69624* Weatherby Vanguard .300 Win Mag w/a
3-9 Tasco scope. SN V28592* Browning A-Bolt .338 Win Mag. SN
24033PV717* Ruger 77 Mark II, .338 Win Mag w/3-9 Bushnell scope.
SN 789-59149* Browning Bar Mark II Safari, .338 Auto Win Mag.
SN 107NP19222* Ruger Mini 14, stainless .223. SN 181-70788*
Harrington-Richardson Model 300 Ultra Rifle, .22-250 Rem. W. 6X
Bushnell scope. SN 54121* Mossberg Model 800BV, .243 Win. w/412 Redfield scope. SN 29634* Savage Arms, Model 10FXP, .243
Win. w/a 3-9 Bushnell scope. SN G295225 Lever Action Rifles*
Marlin Model 336, .30-.30. SN 7559* Winchester Model 94, .30-.30.
SN 3915442* Winchester 94 Golden Spike, .30-.30. SN GS 18115*
Browning Lightning BLR .300 win mag SN 02473MM314* Navy Arms
Co. Yellow Boy “66” Little Big Horn Commemorative 1876-1976,
.44-40 cal. # 844 of 1500 Handguns* High Standard “The Marshall”,
9 shot .22. SN 2399417* Ruger Single-Six Stainless .22LR & .22
Mag. SN 62-72691* Colt Detective Special (New Police) .32 Colt.
SN M18007* Colt Cobra .38 Special. SN F89714* Ruger Blackhawk
.357 mag. SN 32-43366* Ruger Blackhawk Stainless.357 mag. SN
33-13443* Wildey Survivor .475 cal. Wildey mag. Auto, Stainless
steel w/10” barrel. Sells w/dies, brass, bullets, 4 extra clips. SN
3219* Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 Mag Miles City Bucking Horse
Sale Commemorative gun w/orig. box. Gold & silver plated, #15 of
25. SN 86-66018. Shotguns & Miscellaneous* F.I.E. Model SB
Single Shot 410. SN 341556* Winchester 1400 Ranger Auto 20ga.
SN N1154129* Mossberg 9200 auto 3”, 12ga. SN SB0117 Hunting,
Fishing, Camping, Shop, & Outdoors

McNamee Auction Co., LLC.
6465 CR 39, Torrington, WY





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