SWANN Yard Waste Service Resumes

The Solid Waste Agency of Northwest Nebraska will resume collection of grass and leaves
beginning April 1, 2020. Grass and leaves placed in green dumpsters will be picked up each
Wednesday through November 2020.
The grass and leaves collected from the green dumpsters is allowed to decompose and is
recycled into a humus-rich soil enhancer, called compost. Compost is a great soil enhancer
that provides nutrients to plants. Compost is free to SWANN customers and is available at the
SWANN transfer station and will soon be delivered to each community site.
Please note that tree branches, which will not decompose at the same rate as grass and
leaves and should not be placed in green dumpsters. Small tree branches can be placed in
the brown dumpsters. branches that protrude over the sides and top of the dumpster cause
an extreme amount of litter due to the fact that the debris cannot fall directly into the trucks.
Therefore, large tree branches need to be disposed of at the SWANN transfer station or
community sites. SWANN is unable to collect tree branches placed next to dumpsters.
Public cooperation in disposing of yard waste in the proper manner helps SWANN stay
compliant with state mandates. For additional information or availability of compost,
contact the SWANN business office at 308-432-4245 or 1-800-425-4245.
Some of the green dumpsters in our system were purchased
with funds received through a recycling and litter reduction
grant by the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality.

PO BOX 590, CHADRON, NE 69337


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