Details for Husky/Akita-female, spayed, 2 yrs. All of her babies have now


Husky/Akita-female, spayed, 2 yrs. All of her babies have now been's her turn for a happy ending. She is the sweetest girl you'll ever meet. She loves attention.. belly rubs are her favorite. She is very petite! She is house trained, good with most other dogs, cats and children. We think she does prefer older kids in the home, though. We will require a fenced-in yard for her...she loves it outside, (her breeds could tell you that!) so it would be unfair to her to have her chained or locked up in the house. We'd love to find a home where she gets all the love and attention she deserves. She is seriously move-in ready...pretty darn perfect. Could she be your best friend and constant companion? Pug/Shih Tzu-females, spayed, 2 yes. Meet Ava and Emma! They had the worst beginning...they were puppy mill dogs. They never knew love, they didn't receive positive attention, they didn't know a family or even how to live in a house. They are currently in a foster home with other dogs, cats, and kids who visit regularly. They are loving life now...they see everything with fresh eyes. Everything makes them happy, as everything is new and exciting. They need to stay together. Through it all, that's all they had-each other. Ava is dependent on Emma. She can be fearful with new people, but Emma reassures her. They are in need of a patient, quieter home...that being said, they are active and playful, so need someone who is able to get down and get goofy with them! Please offer them consistency and love! Call Julie (308) 762-3499


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