Grain sorghum can typically be planted later than other crops, and sorghum is a lower risk option, specifically as it relates to seed costs.

GORDON - Nebraska Extension will conduct a grain sorghum field day near Gordon on Sept. 5 to highlight research into sorghum varieties, production methods, and discussion of the crop’s potential for the Panhandle.

The field day will begin at 9 a.m. MDT, led by Dr. Cody Creech, Dryland Cropping Systems Specialist at the Panhandle Research and Extension Center. Attendees will have the opportunity to view 25 grain sorghum hybrids and discuss how to select hybrids for the area. Other research includes a row spacing and population trial and a fertility trial.

The field day site is 5 miles south of Gordon on Highway 27 at the southeast corner of the intersection with 590th road. The grower cooperator is Ben Schaer.

The research and field day are supported in part by a Partnership Grant from the North Central Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education titled Incorporating Grain Sorghum in Semi-Arid Crop Rotations with Short Growing Seasons to Increase Resiliency of Cropping Systems and Nebraska Extension.

Grain sorghum is a drought-tolerant crop known for its efficient water use. However, adoption has been limited on the High Plains because higher elevations have cool night temperatures, which limit heat-unit accumulation and delay physiological maturity. However, researchers have demonstrated in the High Plains of Nebraska and Colorado that grain sorghum production is possible in most years.

Mike Baker, a grain sorghum producer from southwest Nebraska and member of the Nebraska Sorghum Board, will be at the field day to discuss how he uses grain sorghum in his rotations and to answer production questions.

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