Annual FFA relay generates laughs and works as a fundraiser

Alexis Harding said she was looking forward to cracking eggs over her Bridgeport FFA adviser Zach Malcolm’s head during the Farm to Town Relay. She was able to do so during the relay held Wednesday, July 24 at the Morrill County Fair in Bridgeport. The relay was a fundraiser for the Bridgeport/Bayard FFA.

BRIDGEPORT — Nine teams of four members each took part in Bridgeport/Bayard FFA Farm to Town Relay Wednesday, July 24 at the Morrill County Fair in Bridgeport.

“I’m so pumped,” Bridgeport FFA member Alexis Harding said before the competition. “This is going to be such a fun time.”

The relay was first held by the Bayard FFA alumni 21 years ago, according to George Liakos, who took part back then and was taking part again this year. This year’s team, The Kidz, was made up of himself, his daughter Mackenzie and her friends, Drew Leisy and Bethany Nichols.

“I’ve done it a few times (over the years). I’m doing it this year ‘cause I feel young,” he said with a smile.

Team members walked to the west side of the rodeo arena, where they received instructions. From there, the first three teams took their positions.

The first team member has to put on a pair of firefighter’s pants, fill a bucket of water, run to a panel, climb over the panel without spilling too much water and make their way through tires before passing the pants to the second team member.

The second team member ran to a mound of saw dust were they had to find four eggs, one of which was hard boiled. They then ran to the third team member who is sitting with their back to the runner. To find the hard-boiled egg, the second team member cracks each egg over the third team member’s head.

Once the hard-boiled egg is found, the third team puts on a suit jacket, gives the egg to the fourth member who gets into a wheelbarrow. The third team member then pushes the fourth member to a putting green. On the green, which is actually wood, the fourth member putts the hard-boiled egg into a tin cup. They then climb over another panel and race to the finish line.

The three teams with the fastest overall times competed in the finals.

“This is a fundraiser for the Bridgeport and Bayard FFA,” Bridgeport FFA advisor Zach Malcolm said. In the past he just organized the relay, but this year some of his officers talked him into being in the relay.

This year’s top three teams were the “4-H Council” team in third’ second place was earned by “I Don’t Know.” This year’s fastest team, with a time of 1.29.86 was “Stuart’s Feedlot” with (in the order they ran) Payton Oliverius, Kylie Stuart, Tanner Rafferty and Jessica Whitebear, all from Bayard.

“It was fun and funny,” Harding, who was on the second place team called “I Don’t Know,” said after the competition. She especially enjoyed smashing the egg on her FFA adviser’s head.

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