In east central Wyoming, southwest of Torrington along highway 154, sits the M Lazy Heart Ranch, a cattle ranch, M Lazy Heart Feedlot and M Lazy Heart Feed Store. The triple agricultural businesses are owned and operated by Paul and Christine Miller and children, Paul III., Skyler and Paige. Paul III manages the cattle ranch that focuses on raising show cattle marketed locally, nationally and in Canada.

Since 1998, the Millers have built these thriving businesses designed to help ranchers and farmers succeed and grow. Whatever the need – champion show cattle, custom feeding of cattle, custom feeds, custom rations, mineral supplements, specialty feeds for anything from chickens to horses, marketing advice, and more, M Lazy Heart Ranch is equipped to help. Its full-service operation is built to assist customers through the whole production cycle.

“We are committed to meet the needs of our customers to make them successful,” Paul said.

This commitment to serve customers well is built on a solid foundation of decades of experience, trust and love for agriculture. The Millers have been immersed in agriculture all their lives, especially cattle production.

“We have a thorough understanding of the cattle business,” Paul said.

Paul desires to use his seasoned, first-hand knowledge and experience of the cattle industry to benefit customers.

The foundation of trust is extremely important to Paul and Christine.

“We value trust.” Paul said, saying he believes in being a straight-shooter, telling customers the truth. “Since we started, my goal has been to have honesty and integrity.”

He believes trust pays off.

“I’d just as soon give a customer an honest answer and have him come back here the next year ... rather than change the numbers to get him to come.”

The foundation of love for agriculture is why the Millers do what they do.

“We love agriculture,” Paul said. That is where the name ‘Heart’ of Heart Ranch comes. The Millers named the ranch after their cattle brand designed with an ‘M’ and a lazy ‘heart’ (a heart symbol laid sideways), a fitting mark and symbol of their sentiment for agriculture and the ag-producing businesses they own and operate.

Each business is given the family’s full attention with equal value and commitment to both the family and their customers, with special focus on the feed store. Good nutrition, as with humans, is necessary for good health and growth, Paul explains. Cattle, indeed, all livestock, grow according to their diet. Other factors of growth apply, but good nutrition tops the list.

“Nutrition is the life-line of the whole animal; it’s the most important aspect of raising livestock. Nutrition is everything,” he said.

Without good nutrition nothing works – vaccines don’t work, the animal doesn’t covert feed properly, doesn’t grow well, doesn’t sell and process well.

Proven, effective feeds are sold at the feed store located at the headquarters of the ranch. M Lazy Heart Ranch has feed for all kinds of animals — cows, show cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, chickens, cats, dogs, even pigeons, and more. Whatever a producer’s feed needs, the ranch feed store is ready to meet it. They mix and market custom feeds to meet a producer’s specific livestock and animal needs.

“We pride ourselves on providing producers with the proper food necessary for good health and growth of animals,” Paul said.

The M Lazy Heart Ranch excels at every aspect of its three businesses, including providing animals with their most important part of life — proper nutrition.

Community involvement is also important to the Millers. They believe in being involved in the lives of the people and area they touch. Paul is in his 15th year of Goshen County Fair Board service, and Christine continues to serve the Goshen County Chamber of Commerce, Farm Bureau, and School District 1. Both Paul and Christine support community and school functions and activities, like 4-H and FFA. They’ve even bought-back show cattle from the Goshen County Fair for 20 years to-date. In the headquarter office hangs two bulletin boards filled with ‘thank you’ cards and letters from appreciative customers and area residents.

“We love our community and customers,” Paul said.

Millers hope to continue to grow and evolve their businesses for generations to come.

“We want to establish something that passes to our children and continues to positively impact agriculture,” Paul and Christine expressed.

The ranch is headquartered at 4725 State Highway 154, Torrington, Wyoming.

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