The National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), Agricultural Board and the USDA May 26 crop report places Nebraska’s corn and soybean crops planting and emergent percentages ahead of last years data, with good standing crop conditions.

According to the USDA, Nebraska is placed among 18 states which planted 92% of 2019’s national corn acreage. Of corn planted, Nebraska ranks as the second farthest along in the nation in terms of corn planted acreage percentages, based on early 2020 growing season data.

“This year has had very favorable weather, temperature and precipitation amounts and has allowed planting to move along much faster than last year, and years in the past” Boone McAfee, Nebraska Corn Board Director of Research said.

Nebraska sitting at 97% of corn crops planted as of May 26 according to USDA crop progress report, compared to 2019 data, which shows this years planting progress to be 19% farther along in comparison to 2019 78% corn planted percentages.

In comparison to May 17, 2020 crop report data, corn planted sits 6% further along.

McAfee said, as a researcher with the Nebraska Corn Board, producers have spoken of this years planting, in terms of the fastest and earliest they have ever completed the corn planting process, which McAfee attributes largely to the weather and early precipitation values across the state.

“Farmers are pretty optimistic right now” McAfee said.

Due to the correlating numbers of corn planted and corn emerged, 77% of Nebraska’s corn crop has emerged versus 2019 data of 43% emerged, putting the state’s crop 34% ahead of last year.

Corn emergent data can be largely attributed to planting numbers, which McAfee said, tends to have correlating values as planting numbers are also ahead of schedule, also allowing emergent numbers to be higher.

National average corn emergent values from 2015-2019 are reported by the USDA to be 58%, which the state is far ahead of the national average in the early parts of the growing season, 77% of Nebraska’s corn has emerged,just above the four year average of 89%.

“Advancements in agriculture technology have also allowed farmers to plant and produce faster and more efficiently”, McAfee said.

Of corn planted and emerged in the state, USDA corn crop conditions place Nebraska in good standing, at 65% of the corn falling into the good condition category, with 17% of the crop as excellent, 17% fair and 1% poor, with no corn falling into the very poor categorizations.

In addition to corn, according to the NASS and USDA, Nebraska is also one of 18 states which planted 96% of the 2019 national soybean acreage.

The May 26 crop report reports 89% of Nebraska’s soybean crop to be planted, up 38% from 2019’s planting data, similarly to the states early corn numbers, soybeans have benefited greatly from this years precipitation and overall weather conditions.

“This year we have had good weather, dry ground and really a perfect planting season” Scott Ritzman Executive Director of Nebraska Soybean Board said.

Of the soybeans planted across the state, 56% of the crops have emerged, up 38% from 2019 emergent percentages, correlated directly with this years planting numbers.

Ritzman said, a lot of producers completed planting early which has allow the number of emerged crops to be ahead of schedule as well.

“If the growing season continues the way it has been, without any severe weather patterns I would predict this years yield numbers to be similar to last years,”

McAfee and Ritzman alike, agree that producers have a hopeful outlook in terms of this years corn and soybean crops.

“Crop progress and condition estimates are based on survey data collected each week from early April through the end of November. The non-probability crop progress and condition surveys include input from approximately 3,600 respondents whose occupations provide them opportunities to make visual observations and frequently bring them in contact with farmers in their counties,” According to USDA crop report methodology.

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