St. Agnes School 2nd quarter awards ceremony was held on January 10. Students in grades pre-K-5th grade were recognized for academic achievements in the 2nd quarter including: honor roll, good conduct, improvement, library, music and PE students of quarter, art awards, STEM awards and more. Congratulations to all our students for their outstanding achievements.

Honor Roll: Jose Acosta, Mia Blanco, Lizbeth Cabrera, Brooklynn Nash, Andrew Peck, Sophia Schmall, Giuliana Suhr, Eroz Torres, Traxton Adams, Henry Blanco, Isaac Blanco, Elena Blanco, Morgan Celli, Cooper Dudden, Aadan Gonzales, Cora Hill, Charlotte Lewis, Zach Mark, Lilly Seymour, Ellie Verbeck, Logan Zulkoski, Kellan Zulkoski, Tea Hill, Anna Hafner, Kennedi Larson, Ezmirelda Ramirez, Jacob Weitzel

Improvement Awards: Rose Schiff, Braylee Nash, Malia Linz, Kensington Suhr, McKyla Enriquez, Nayeli Acosta, Ivy Kae Becker, Luis Acosta, Giuliana Suhr, David Hafner, Axton Merrigan, Olivia Garcia, Nano Ramirez, Steven Nguyen, E’owyn Merrigan, Ashanti Arreola, Tristan Calvert, Yasmin Rivera

Good Conduct Awards: Drew Becker, Charles Troupe, Claire Ascherl, Luis Acosta, Connelly Ascherl, Cami Linz, Zaide Gurrola

Music Students of Quarter: Allie Windhorst, Matilda Kosman, Luna Merrigan, Luis Acosta, Jose Acosta, Elena Blanco, Ezmirelda Ramirez

Library Students of Quarter:Rose Schiff, Audrey He, Easton Becker, William Seymour, Connelly Ascherl, Cami Linz, Graecyn Benton

PE Students of Quarter: Henry Hoesing, Courtni Schaff, Sloane Margheim, Emma Saucedo, A.J. Peck, Kellan Zulkoski, Jacob Weitzel

1st Semester Perfect Attendance: Parker Dudden, Braylee Nash, Charlie Vath, McKyla Enriquez, Rheanne Owens, Ivy Kae Becker, Connor Dudley, Ella Kildow, Timothy King, Emma Saucedo, Reagan Schiff, Lauren Weitzel, Brooklynn Nash, A.J. Peck, Giuliana Suhr, Morgan Celli, Charlotte Lewis, Steven Nguyen, Lilly Seymour, Ellie Verbeck, Ashanti Arreola, Jacob Weitzel

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