Harmony concluded their busy fall semester performing several numbers for Northfield Elementary students and staff on Tuesday, Dec. 17.

Throughout their performances, the students said they’ve learned new choreography and have worked on their vocal projection within different venues as they prepare for the spring contest as well as the musical “The Wizard of Oz.”

For junior Kennie Gable, her time in Harmony has taught her there is always room for improvement.

“I thought it was a good semester,” said Gable. “I think there is always stuff to improve on, but as a group, I think we’re pretty clean and we keep putting on good performances, which is a good sign.”

One of the highlights of the fall semester for Harmony was performing for their community at the nursing home and elementary schools.

“The kids enjoy it even if you’re messing up because they can’t tell a difference,” said freshman Matthew Janacek.

Being in his first year in Harmony, Janacek was surprised by the commitment level to learn choreography.

“The amount of time it takes to just get through learning one new dance was shocking,” Janacek said.

Gabel said her favorite song and choreography is “Johnny B. Goode” because of the flips whereas Janacek likes “Shake, Rattle and Roll.”

As the group traveled around the community performing in school gyms, auditoriums and dining halls, the vocalists had to adjust their projection and steps to fit the space.

“It was very hot,” Gable said. “It’s kind of hard because sound differs with as many kids that are in there and gym sizes are different, but we always have to work on projection, volume and spacing between us.”

After enjoying a much needed break over the holidays, Harmony will return in January focused on the district music contest.

“Once we get back, we’ll hit the ground running again and get some new songs and some new choreography to make our show even better,” Gable said.

There are nine seniors in this year’s Harmony group, who provide leadership for the group.

“The seniors help out with vocals,” Gable said. “They help out with choreography. They just do whatever they can to help the new ones out and they just take the reins and show the new kids how it’s done.”

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