Larry Delgado continues his lifelong work in watercolors

Larry Delgado continues life-long work with watercolors. Delgado adds branches to a near-complete watercolor painting of a tree.

SCOTTSBLUFF — “Watercolor is a beautiful, beautiful medium.”  Larry Delgado, local watercolor artist, said. “You can make someone feel like they’re in a photograph.”

Delgado started doodling and drawing at a very young age, and was introduced to watercolors in a grade school art class. He immediately took a liking to the medium.

“When I was a Boy Scout, we would go hiking, and I would always bring along a little pad and doodle plants and make notes. When I got home, I would try to paint it,” Delgado said.

He graduated from Scottsbluff High School in 1964, and would go on to major in art history at WNCC. Although he didn’t finish obtaining his degree, Delgado expanded his knowledge of art through outside seminars and workshops.

“At the very beginning of a class I took at WNCC, we had to paint a bone,” Delgado said. “We would paint that bone again at the end of the class and everyone showed improvement from the beginning to the end. Mine was exactly the same.”

His professor came by and told him that he ought to stop working with watercolors and stick with pen and ink.

Later, when Delgado showed a watercolor piece at an exhibit, his teacher came by and told him that perhaps he should continue with watercolors after all.

Having retired from doing antique car restorations, he now has more time to work on his art projects.

“Most of my work is in the kitchen, so I guess you could call that my studio,” Delgado said.

He is currently working on a watercolor piece on papyrus paper his wife brought back from her trip to Egypt.

“It’s been slow working; I’m really picky with my angles and perspectives,” he admits.

His work is largely inspired by Native American culture, and Delgado describes it as mysterious and colorful. His work shows in Colorado, Wyoming and around Nebraska. The Western Nebraska Art Center is showing a piece of Delgado’s titled “In the Style of Picasso” showing a two-faced man and his dog, which won the President’s Choice Award.

Delgado will be teaching classes in downtown Scottsbluff from 1 to 2:30 p.m. on Wednesdays. Interested parties can sign up by calling or stopping by the World of Arts and Music.

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