Lincoln second graders enjoy Valentine’s Day

Dalton Stricker reaches into his  bag as he opens valentines cards from his classmates and teacher on Thursday, Feb. 13.

Students felt a sense of camaraderie and heightened friendship as they left Lincoln Elementary Thursday, Feb. 13 after celebrating Valentine’s Day earlier with classroom parties.

For second graders in Megan Pieper’s class, Thursday’s classroom learning was full of Valentine’s inspired assignments. Students completed a Valentine math activity and sorted candy hearts throughout the morning. As the anticipation built for their classroom party, students were excited to open their Valentine’s inside their bags and enjoy a sweet treat.

“I liked watching the movie and having ice cream,” said Aubree Boswell. “We watched Charlie Brown Valentines. It was really good and it was funny.”

After the movie, Pieper handed out various candies as students waited in line for a cup of vanilla ice cream. Students topped their ice cream with chocolate and strawberry sauce and various colors of sprinkles.

With full bellies, the time had arrived for students to open their Valentine’s Day gifts. After finding some space on the floor, the students reached into their bags and began reading their Valentine’s cards. From suckers, stickers and pencils, the students were excited about each Valentine gift they opened as they spread their gifts out onto the floor.

“It’s fun and exciting to see what you get,” Boswell said. “I got my friends emoji suckers because they’re funny and I like emojis.”

Truly Norgard said his favorite part of the school day was opening his Valentines.

“I was like, ‘Oh my gosh. I love it,’” Norgard said.

Several students said one of their favorite Valentine’s was googly eyes they can put on their fingers or their noses.

“They’re cool,” said Trace Tarr. “They also go on your nose. It’s funny how I talk.”

As she watched her students give gifts to their classmates and thank them for what they received, Pieper said it’s one of her favorite days.

“It’s always fun to see them get stuff from each other, even if it’s just a simple card because they love it,” Pieper said. “It’s the one day where people get along the entire day, so I hope the students just remember the friendship.”

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