SCOTTSBLUFF — There’s a whole lot of moving and shaking going on at The Residency, as fitness class members sweat it out several times a week lifting weights and performing cardio exercises.

Anyone who thinks senior citizens do nothing when they’re retired should visit the fitness classes at The Residency. The fitness classes are run by Lola Gonzales, who worked at the Scottsbluff Family YMCA for 42 years. Her new journey is helping seniors stay healthy as they age.

When The Residency CEO Bill Johnson approached Gonzales to come work there, he knew she had a passion for the community and encouraging others to live an active, healthy lifestyle. She has been impressed by what her new employer has to offer.

“We know how important regular exercise is,” Gonzales said. “We sometimes stop as we get older, but we don’t need to.”

In addition to aerobic, strength, cardiovascular and balance classes, there is yoga and a variety of other activities for seniors to participate in.

“We’re supposed to be retired, but we have a lot of things going on,” Julie Fancher said.

Resident Paul Boome comes to the classes for the exercise and the fun. Carolyn Krause said the class is a benefit to her.

“It’s a good one. It’s fun and I like it,” Krause said. “I’ve jut started attending, but it’s helped with my balance.”

One of the benefits of the class is that you participate when you can. There is no judgment if you can’t do all the exercises.

“I try to do everything, but there are some things I can’t do because I had a hip replacement,” said Joyce Asmus.

Gonzales’ general rule is that if the body says no, don’t do it. The residents said they enjoy the classes offered because you can stay as active as you’d like with all the options available.

Janet Gardner said she should have started a long time ago because there are a lot of programs furnished for the residents.

“We have a good time here,” Gardner said. “We may walk slowly home, but we enjoy it.”

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