Geil Elementary celebrates 100 days of school

Students in Bethany Jolliffe's kindergarten class carefully stacks cups during a 100 day of school activity Thursday. Pictured from left: Leah Kay, Zander Vogel, and Landon Zabel.

GERING — In celebration of the 100th day of school, students at Geil Elementary enjoyed classroom activities and a school scavenger hunt for their principal.

Principal Angela Morris hung up 100 photos of herself around the building that students searched for throughout the day.

Bethany Jolliffe and Jennifer Bohnsack organized fun activities throughout the day for their kindergarten students that focused on the number 100 including build 100 Legos, lick a lollipop 100 times, build a stack of 100 cups and use 100 marshmallows to make something.

Students were allowed to let their imaginations run free as they created houses, cars and llamas out of Legos and marshmallows.

Leomar Vicharra decided to make a hotel using 100 marshmallow.

“You know why I’m good at this?” he asked. “Because I practiced.”

Prior to the 100 day of school, students in Jolliffe’s class counted the days on a calendar as they practiced counting to 100.

“The work mat has been used for 20 years,” Bohnsack said. “They have to put one in each circle and then we put them in a bag. Then we finger flash 10 and then how many are in the bag now, so we do 20, so it’s fun stuff for them.”

Every student contributed to the treat bag and activities.

Kindergartener Keira Robinson showed off her Lego creation of a German Shepherd before deciding to turn it into a llama.

Robinson said she her favorite part of Thursday and school was “doing crafts because they’re fun.”

She also said she likes her teacher because she is nice and helps her learn.

Jolliffe and Bohnsack partnered up to develop the activities that would match their students’ capabilities. Since the students enjoy snacks, Bohnsack used a placemat with 10 circles to allow the students to practice counting out their snacks before making a trail mix.

Before the end of the day, the students finished their 100th day of school by completing a scavenger hunt for 100 Hershey’s Kisses hidden throughout the classroom. With 100 days of school behind them, the kindergarteners packed up their decorated 100 day hats and crafts.

As the second semester continues, Bohnsack is hopeful her students are excited to explore different avenues for learning.

“I hope they learned to count by ones and 10, put numbers in numerical orders and enjoyed the STEM activities like the marshmallows, which brought out another side of them that we haven’t seen,” said Bohnsack. “We have some little engineers in here. Hopefully it’s opened up other avenues for them to learn about.”

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