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Jay Reiners operates his John Deere tractor while cultivating soybeans in Juniata, Nebraska, in 2015. Stats for 2017 show that many counties in eastern Nebraska with lots of soybean production saw their exports fall, while counties in the beef-heavy Sand Hills fared better.

Nebraska Extension will be offering training throughout western Nebraska, from January through April, for licensed pesticide applicators seeking first-time certification or recertification of their license for 2020.

A license is required to use or purchase or apply restricted-use pesticides. Extension provides training for several classes of certification, including commercial, non-commercial (such as local government or research purposes) and private applicators (such as ag producers).

Private applicators

Private pesticide applicators with licenses expiring in 2020, and anyone seeking first-time private applicator certification, can attend these upcoming training sessions.

Licensed private pesticide applicators can buy and use restricted-use pesticides in their own farming operations after completing this training.

Main topics include Nebraska’s pesticide laws and regulations, the pesticide label, personal safety, the worker protection standard, environmental protection, integrated pest management, pesticides and application, application equipment, equipment calibration, pesticide drift awareness near sensitive sites like apiaries and vineyards, how to use the Driftwatch website, and control options for prairie dogs and pocket gophers, and strategies to reduce chances of developing weed populations resistant to herbicides.

To reserve space for each session, or for more information, call the number for the local Extension office listed after each date. The cost of training is $40. Applicators whose permits are due for renewal should have received a letter from the State Department of Agriculture. They can bring that letter to the training session and avoid having to fill out an application form.

Private pesticide licenses also can be obtained by completing an online course. Pesticide applicators can purchase access to the online course via and going to the Pesticide Education section. Cost of the course is $60. Those who complete pesticide applicator training then need to apply to the Nebraska Department of Agriculture for a three-year license card for a $25 fee.

Sidney, Jan. 23: 1 p.m., Security First Bank (call 308-254-4455)

Sidney, Jan. 28: 1 p.m., Security First Bank (call 308-254-4455)

Scottsbluff, Jan. 30: 1 p.m., Panhandle Research & Extension (call 308-632-1480)

Chappell, Feb. 4: 1 p.m., Lion’s Den (call 308-874-2705)

Bridgeport, Feb. 13: 1 p.m., Prairie Winds Community Center (call 308-632-1480)

Oshkosh, March 5: 1 p.m., Wesleyan Church (call 308-632-1480)

Scottsbluff, April 2: 1 p.m., Panhandle Research & Extension Center (call 308-632-1480)

Alliance, Feb. 5: 8:30 a.m., Box Butte County Extension Office (call 308-762-5616)

Alliance, Feb. 5, 1 p.m., Box Butte County Extension Office (call 308-762-5616)

Kimball, Feb. 6: 1 p.m., 4-H Building (call 308-235-3122)

Harrisburg, Feb. 11: 1 p.m., Banner County Courthouse (call 3080235-3122)

Chadron, Feb. 12: 1 p.m., Dawes County 4-H Building, Fairgrounds (call 308-432-3373)

Thedford, Feb. 18: 9 a.m., Thomas County Courthouse (call 308-645-2267)

Thedford, Feb. 18: 1 p.m., Thomas County Courthouse (call 308-645-2267)

Crawford, Feb. 26: 1 p.m., Community Center (call 308-432-3373)

Harrison, March 18: 1 p.m., Sioux County Courthouse (call 308-432-3373)

Rushville, March 4: 1 p.m., American Legion (call 308-327-2312)

Alliance, March 11: 8:30 a.m., Box Butte County Extension Office (call 308-762-5616)

Alliance, March 11: 1 p.m., Box Butte County Extension Office (call 308-762-5616)

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