One Hundred Thirty Years Ago

A farmers alliance was organized in Gering Valley.

Ide Casteel and William D. Cooper advertised for final proof.

Hugh Milhollin reported that he had found samples of good coal on his place near Freeport.

A postoffice was established in the Kiowa precinct, with John Ray as postmaster, named Caldwell.

One Hundred Twenty Years Ago

S.L. Roberts was building a large store at Collins.

Vickery & Bracken was the name of a new hardware firm in Gering.

Welsey White, young son of Hardy White was killed by being thrown from a pitching horse.

Born: to Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Marshman, a son; to Mr. and Mrs. Ian Davis, a daughter.

One Hundred Ten Years Ago

Married: Wm. S. Fleming and Miss Amelia Erb.

C.E. Flower, father of Chas H. Flower, died.

Born: to Mr. and Mrs. Lem Ewing, a daughter.

Married: Earl M. Sawyer and Miss Gladys Graves.

One Hundred Years Ago

Born: to Mr. and Mrs. Geo. C. Gromer, a son.

Married: Millard J. Kittell and Miss Grace Southwell

State and county engineers completed a survey for stage hill road over the Wildcat range of hills.

Fred. W. Stone of Scottsbluff made a last filing, entitling him to have his name on the primary ballot as candidate for the office of the clerk of the district court.

Ninety Years Ago

R.E. Sheffer, only printed name on city ballot for mayor, but movement on foot to write in name of Mayor A.P. Bressler, who had failed to make a personal filing.

More than 200 valley and former valley people at the Bixby park picnic in Long Beach were listed.

Lawrence Ore, 25, Minatare, crushed to death in a farm accident.

Mrs. Rex Wilcox, 22, committed suicide at Bridgeport.

Eighty Years Ago

Helen Fowler was named the delgate from Gering to Girls’ State. Martha Ann Montgomery was alternate.

Quentin Dean was elected president of the Gering golf club.

Died: James S. Mekiney, at Mitchell.

John Hinshaw was burning up the college golf courses playing on the University of Colorado team.

The F Co. trio Ed Flohr, Vern Glanz and Gene Edgar, were appearing at several functions in Gering.

Seventy Years Ago

Died: Eugene T. Westervelt, pioneer valley publisher; Mrs. Bert Rymer, Scottsbluff.

Pat Myers was named as delegate to Girls’ State from Gering. Jerry Barton was the Boys’ State delegate.

The two-way radio was installed in Gering police cars.

The Lions Club of Gering initiated a county-wide spelling contest.

Sixty Years Ago

Died: Mrs. Mabel McGriff, 73, Gering; John J. Robb, 75, a real old timer, Gering; L.J. “Lew” Cameron, 73, formerly of Scottsbluff, at San Diego, Calif.

Lt. Jerry Brill, Gering, received silver wings as a jet pilot.

The Valley Community Players were almost ready to present their first play at the newly leased Valley (Cross) Theater in Gering.

Three oil producers were brought in and notices of intent to drill 15 wells in Banner or Kimball county were announced.

Fifty Years Ago

Residents of the Gering school district were invited to attend a public meeting to hear school board candidates answer questions. Candidates include Bill Webb, willard Philson, Joseph Katz, Bob Datel, Charles Lawson, M.E. “Mac” McDonald and Vernon “Bud” Clark.

Janet Harvey was chosen for ASIA ‘70 (American Studeent in Asia) a YMCA sponsored program sending American college and university students to Asia for eight weeks in the summer.

Gering voters will perhaps have one of the longest ballots in the primary election ever to be presented in Gering history. The city fathers approved a form in which the acquistion of the Kansas Nebraska Gas Company retail service in Gering issue will be presented to the voters.

Died: Ida E. Shafer Collins, 37, Mitchell; W. Craig Lana, 54, Scottsbluff; walter Strauch, 52, Mitchell; Mrs. Emma Mitchell, 88, Mitchell; Jake Lissman, 81, Lyman; Harry L. Egdorf, 81, Gering.

Forty Years Ago

Teresa Berger, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Berger of Gering, was named the Gering delegate to the Cornhusker Girls’ State. Alternate was Christine Yeager, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Yeager. Three delegates were named to attend Boys’ State; Ruben Palomo, son of Mr. and Mrs. Matt Palomo, Terry Towne, son of Mr. and Mrs. Keith Towne, and Dan Weinmeister, son of Dr. and Mrs. T.R. Weinmeister. Alternates were Corey Miller, first alternate and Tom Zamarripa, second alterante.

Tracy Carter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R.D. Carter, will represent Banner County at Girls’ State. Shelly Downer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Downer was named alternate.

Greg Johnson, of Minatare, son of Kathleen Johnson of Minatare and Bruce Johnson of Bridgeport, was named delegate to Boys’ State. Alternate was Karen Brisco of Minatare.

Gering Volunteer Fire Department and some area farmers can’t see eye to eye on the burning ban that is in effect for the state. Before rural burning can be done, the farmer must obtain a permit at no cost and infrom the fire department when the burnings are to take place.

Died: Effie Gavin, Scottsbluff; Florence Anderson, 80, Scottsbluff; Claude Harvey Martin, 79, Scottsbluff; Vaughn Yancey, 67, Scottsbluff; Ada Clark, 67, scottsbluff; Audrey Rourke, 63, Scottsbluff; Thea Smith, 90, Scottsblufff; Amelia Rupp, 62. Scottsbluff; Chester Vallejo, 45, Gering; David Craig, 40, Covina, Calif., former Gering resident.

Thirty Years Ago

Brad Larsen of the Gering electric department was named the 1989 Employee of the Year.

Scotts BLuff County Commissioners called a public hearing before deciding whether land near Wheeler’s and Heilbrun’s should retain its designation as an industrial tract.

Bob Duckworth of Twin Cities Development told members of the Gering Business Club that with recent development, a number of new companies were interested in the area.

Members of the Gering City Council approved bids for work in the new well field.

Gering Schools Superintendent William Lockwood advised the school board it would be necessary to cut staff because of a loss of Chapter I funds for remedial classes.

Died: Juanita Guana, 62, Gering; Mollie Meyer Oblander, 83, Scottsbluff; Mary Ann Severson, 48, Gering; Betty Lee Neifert, 63, Scottsbluff; Donald E. Dalbey, 72, Scottsbluff; Darlene Katherine Schanaman, 53, Gering.

Twenty Years Ago

Students from across western Nebraska came up with their own entertaining and original solutions to a number of challenges during Destination Imagination. The competition was at Western Nebrasksa Community College, and the teams provided some entertianing sketches to go along with their solutions.

Oregon Trail Days turns 79 and the show will go on regardless of what happens.

Council member Ed Mayo proposed an addendum to a proposal that would amend the way the city awards bids from outside vendors that would require any proposal, contract or bid to be delivered to the city clerk until it could be reviewed by the appropriate committee. The committee would then make recommendations to the full council. It would also allow for an independent consultant to be recommended to the council.

Died: Jim Pickering Jr., 78, Scottsbluff; Ricky R. Rhyne, 40, Gering; Kenneth Dwight Berdan, 89, Bayard; Clayton Clark Sample, 87, Scottsbluff; MayBelle Rosenfelt Sample, 85, Scottsbluff; Julian Sanchez Ybarra Sr., Bayard.

Ten Years Ago

Adult-level English as a Second Langauge (ESL) class is taught at Northfield once a week in evening sessions all school year.

The Scottsbluff-Gering police merger was praised at town hall meeting by community.

Gering and Scottslbuff schools started the Weekend Food Backpack Program providing backpacks stuffed with easy-to-make food items for struggling families.

Died: Kathleen Cain, 51, Scottsbluff; Freda Hinkle, 85, former Scottsbluff resident.

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