Yesteryears — Aug. 22

10 years ago

With a new school starting Gering High School’s remodeled gym is nearly completed with new bleachers and a refinished floor. New windows are yet to arrive before the ‘Dawg Pound ‘ is complete.

John Stinner, President and CEO of Valley Bank and Trust Co. will present a check to Summit Christian College on Thursday, Aug. 21 amounting to $30,000 toward debt retirement and also toward the “Invest in the Future” Capital Campaign.

New spring paving will begin on the remaining gravel section of D Street in Gering Industrial District. Members of the Gering City Council approved the project.

Once the insurance settlement is approved, Dr. George Schlothauer plans to rebuild his dental clinic at its present location on M Street in Gering. On July 12 at 3:20 p.m. Gering firefighters responded to a fire that stared from an electrical short, causing extensive smoke and heat damage.

20 years ago

Scotts Bluff County Commissioners reaffirmed their original decision to hire Lori Mayor as the new county personnel director.

The Gering City Council disbanded its golf course oversight committee.

30 years ago

The Gering School Board approved an $8.1 million budget.

Area funeral homes requested $1,500 from country commissioners for public welfare burials.

Mike Klein of Mitchell won his fourth consecutive title in the 23rd annual Riverside Open Golf Tournament.

40 years ago

The County Welfare Department’s Employee Committee met with commissioners in hopes of learning the outcome of recent action by the state welfare office to reject a county-proposed pay plan for its welfare employees.

About two hours after several Northfield residents left the Gering City Council chambers with assurances from both the mayor and council that sewer problems in the area had been rectified by the city water department, many of the same residents returned with first-hand information indicating the contrary may be the case.

The Grand Master of Nebraska Masons awarded several pins at Northfield Villa. Recipients were Otto J. Prohs, 60 years; Joel Scott, 60 years; William Heiss, 60 years and Quentin Dean, 50 years.

50 years ago

Bill and Ted Cannon owners of Cannon Brothers Ford, held an open house at their new location at East 20th Street and Highway 26 in Scottsbluff.

Using rooms in Gering churches solved a classroom shortage in the Gering schools. Twenty kindergartners were receiving instruction at Trinity United Methodist.

Richard Mitchell, son of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Mitchell, was caught up in the Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia, but managed to get back to West Germany.

Burglars hit the Gering American Legion and Lampert Lumber Company.

First day enrollment in Gering schools was 2,094, compared to 2,035 the previous year.

60 years ago

Gering game warden Jim McCole won the all-around grand championship trap shoot in Ohio.

Leonard Goff, manager of Paul Blood Farms, discussed multiple farrowing and a pilot plant at the farm during a meeting in Gering.

A record 1,469 students were enrolled on the first day of school in Gering.

70 years ago

More than 600 Scotts Bluff County men registered during the first four days of the peacetime draft.

Swift and Company purchased the Cook packing Company and named O.D. Yeakley as manager.

80 years ago

L.H. Sloan was named county wheat inspector.

The J.F. Hinshaw Lumber Company offered a free ton of coal for the closest guess on the first snow.

Sons were born to Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Gield, Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Dutton of Gering and to Judge and Mrs Ted Feidler.

90 years ago

The prospect for a fine beet crop was reported, but there was also some damage especially on the north side east of Scottsbluff.

Carl Genz and Miss Florence Kath were married. Jesse O. Ammerman and Mrs. Martha Boyer were also married.

A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ehrman.

100 years ago

William L. Goldsmith arrived from Peru, Ill. O join the Prohs firm.

The faculty force at Gering schools numbered 22.

W.M. Maupin purchased a plant in south Omaha to be removed to Gering for establishing a newspaper.

110 years ago

All lands on the south side of the river were withdrawn from entry under provisions of the reclamation act, indicating the definite intention of building the south side government canal.

Mrs. S.T. Sams of Scottsbluff died.

120 years ago

Watson T. Grahman started building a new grocery store.

W.T. Andrews sold his photograph gallery in Gering to Hartson A. Mark.

A county livestock association was formed with Henry M. Springer as president and Charles W. Ford as secretary.

130 years ago 

Cassius E. Hastings and Robert Lynns advertised for final proof.

Republican precinct committee members for this portion of Cheyenne County included C.W. Ford, Martin Gering, C.M. Woodard, George Ingelow, John R. Stilts, M.E. Shafto, D.D. Johnson, Bennett Chapman and Thomas H. Wilson.

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