Yesteryears — Aug. 1

10 years ago

A case of bubonic plague, which is rarely seen this far north, has been reported locally by the Scotts Bluff County Health Department. The cat was from a home south of Gering and is the first indication of plague activity in the county this year.

Gering City Council candidate Dale Hauck may have thought he was getting an early start on the upcoming November election by putting out signs promoting himself for office. Instead the candidate may be in violation of a Gering City Ordinance.

Mike Nuss wins state bid calling championship.

Darwin and Cecilia Kramer announce the engagement and upcoming wedding of their daughter, Staci Rachelle to Zachary Scott Sanford, son of Scott Sanford and Kim Jones all of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Jack and Bev Faden of Harrisburg will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary this August.

20 years ago

Scotts Bluff County representatives were in Lincoln to protest the state’s recent change in valuation for Ag land.

The automated train horn system first installed in Gering was generating interest form other cities.

The Nebraska State Quilt Guild honored nine friends of the North Platte Valley Museum for their noteworthy contributions to the art of quilt making.

Cheri Fegler submitted her resignation as manager of the Scotts Bluff County Fair.

Twin Cities Development executive director Rudy Szewczak said his group was conducting a feasibility study on locating several dairies in the area. That industry had been very successful locally in previous decades.

Friends of the Midwest Theater were planning to reopen the historic theater for a wider variety of venues.

30 years ago

Andy Van Nostrand of Bank Western Federal in Denver was named president of the Platte Valley Federal Savings and Loan Association in Scottsbluff.

County jail employee Mike Moreno filed a complaint with the office of Equal Employment Opportunity, concerning the usage of Spanish at the jail, but limited to interpreting only.

Andre and Marie Rey of Paris, France, stopped in Gering while touring the United States on their motor scooter.

40 years ago

Sixty-five players turned out for the opening day of training camp for the Western Nebraska All-Star football game.

The Gering School Board and administrators set up a committee to draft a list of educational priorities in the face of impending tax lids.

Mr. and Mrs. James Snyder were honored at the farewell dinner in Banner County. The former county sheriff and his wife were moving to Gering.

50 years ago

Joe Shipman of Harrisburg returned from a tour with the United States High School Band and Chorus with top honors. Mary Swanbom and Susan Ramig, both of Gering, also participated in the tour.

60 years ago

The Gering American Legion Midgets lost to Central City at their attempt to repeat as state champions.

The Gering National Guard unit, 90mm Tank Company, was in Camp Riley, Minnesota.

The annual outdoor IOOF Degree was held at Chimney Rock.

70 years ago

Jacie Ross and Bob Gentry placed second in four events for Gering in the Midwest Invitational swimming meet.

Beverly Klase and Joe Faden were married.

80 years ago

County Sheriff Mahlon Morgan and Commissioner J.N. Allison were GOP county nominees in a heated primary.

Union Livestock Commission Company held its first sale at their new pavilion.

Sara Jane Caldwell and Gordon Roudebush were married. Ehtel Richard and James T. Whitehead were also married, as was Jess Grand and James Wilkinson.

90 years ago

A school census for Gering showed 1,015 students of school age, a gain of 225 over the previous year.

Mayor Bressler lost about 1,000 acres of wheat to a hailstorm in Rose precinct.

Louis Boyer, 15, son of Mrs. C.W. McCartney was killed when struck by a car on the Scottsbluff-Gering Highway.

Hally H. Reeder and Carol Linday were married. Jake Reichert and Elizabeth Wirt were also married.

100 years ago

Lloyd Denslow and W.H. Lyman acquired control of the State Bank of Gering from Charley F. Lyman.

Among the local boys in France heard from during the week were Marvin Downar, Oscar Finkle and William Ehrman.

William Weber Sr. and Mrs. Ida Davis were married.

110 years ago

Henry Dyer, foster son of Mr. and Mrs. Yorick Nichols, drowned at the Gering headgate dam. The town of Henry was named after him.

Gering Courier publisher A.B. Wood went to the San Luis Valley in Colorado as the representative of a number of land buyers in the Fort Garland section.

120 years ago

Local markets were selling eggs at eight cents a dozen and butter at 15 cents a pound.

Work commenced on construction of the new Scotts Bluff County Courthouse.

130 years ago

Citizens of this section were beseeching the commissioners of Cheyenne County of which this territory was yet a part, for $500 to build a road across the south hills.

Henry E. Russell, Jonas S. Mace, Mary K. Smith, John Powers, Jahile Keiffer and Charles W. Gilmore all advertised for final proof.

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