130 Years Ago

John T. Bishop and Mary F. Knapp advertised for final proof.

Fred D. Wolt of Mitchell valley purchased the James Westervelt lot, building and stock in Gering.

A home talent lecture course was organized, the first speakers listed up being Judge J.M. King, Lot L. Feltham and J.J. Trotten.

120 Years Ago

Famous performance of the first Gering minstrels was given.

Married: Parks E. DeMott and Miss Ida Andrews.

Tracklaying on the Burlington reached a point directly opposite of Gering.

110 Years Ago

Died: the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.E. French.

Dr. E.A. Beard arrived at Henry.

The store name of M. Gering & Co., was changed to the Gering Mercantile.

Fraser & Chorn, Joe Phillips, Delmar Woods, E.L. Nebold and Fred Katzer were among the current public sales.

100 Years Ago

Mrs. Addie Wilson, sister of Mrs. George Sowerwine, died at her home in Gering.

State irrigation convention was in session in Gering. Gov. McKelvie being the principal speaker.

Born: to Mr. and Mrs. R.G. Neeley, a daughter.

Born: to Mr. and Mrs. Guy Brown, a son.

90 Years Ago

Elisha K. McCalmont, 85, Mitchell civil war veteran, died.

Married: Edgar McKinley and Hazel Wineman.

Clinton Sawyer, sugar factory employee, found dead in his car at Lyman, a revolver beside his body.

Martin Nelson, 65, settler of 1888, died at Scottsbluff.

80 Years Ago

O.A. Young, L.A. Windle and O.P. Burrows, Mitchell, M.J. Swanson and George Stewart, Morrill, were listed as candidates for commissioner in the west district.

Wm. “Dan” Jordan was released from prison after serving 25 years for the murder of his son-in-law, J.E. Layton, east of Scottsbluff.

Ray Twibell moved to Gering from Oshkosh.

Died: Keith Bracken, son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bracken; Mrs. O.D. Pricket, Ogallala, former Banner county resident.

70 Years Ago

Otto J. Prohs for reelection to the unicameral legislature.

A Scotts Bluff County bean growers association was organized.

Jake Brehm, Gering bakery operator, purchased a lot with intent to build a new bakery.

Van Elliot, O.N. Flaten and Warren Wood were named from the Lions Club to organize the first county spelling bee. J.E. Shedd was named chairman.

60 Years Ago

J. Chris Peterson was named Boss of the year and Al Law distinguished service recipient at the annual Gering Jaycees dinner.

Died: Mrs. Sadie Grimm, 85, respected Gering lady; Mrs. Doris Nason, 37, wife of Gering educator; Mrs. Ida Bales, 89, former Gering resident in Colorado; Edwin A. Dewey, 85, longtime Gering resident in Washington.

50 Years Ago

Gering’s foreign exchange student, Mark Ellis, returned from a year’s stay in Chile.

Max Ross of Cedar Canyon, received top honors at the annual 4-H and FFA Great Western Sugar Company banquet.

Gering High Ten growers were Donald Tripple, Russell Worthman, Howard Allison, Robert Gingrich, John Abel Jr., Merle Labertew, John Bort, Leland Buehler, Wilbert Ruppel, Donald F. Colson, and Grant Gingrich.

Melvins Mathis named vice president and cashier of Gering National Bank, Harold Stuckey, vice president and Catherine Ulrich assistant cashier.

Dr. Jerome A Fuhrman was elected to serve as president of the medical staff at St. Mary’s hospital.

Died: Mrs. Sam Moorehouse, 39; Mrs. Katherine Popp, 56, Scottsbluff; Felicia Rose Poor Bear, 1 1/2, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Poor Bear; Mrs. James Rutz, 60, Scottsbluff; Earl Morrow, 48, Harrisburg; Richard (Tuffy) Martindale, 69, Bayard; Phil Starkel, 64, Scottsbluff; William C. Crosswell, 71, Scottsbluff.

40 Years Ago

Gering Police Chief Kelly Gaskill reported a 15 percent decline in the crime rate for 1979.

Great Western Sugar Company honored Marvin L. Ramig for being the high sugar producer in the Gering-Scottsbluff sugar factory district who farms 70.3 with a 24.65 tons per acre average. His crop produced 567.121 pounds of sugar.

The Horse Creek Farming and Feeding Co., consisting of Sam Kraus, Dale Ott and David Kraus were named the high sugar producers of the Mitchell Factory District. They farm 42 acres averaging 22.9 tons per acre and produced 316,339 pounds of sugar.

Gering High wrestlers extended their unbeaten chain to 70 and winning streak to 60 by virtue of a 33-9 victory over Scottsbluff.

Died: Herbert Kissler, 58, Gering; Eva Gross, 78, Gering; Amelia Glee, 77, Scottsbluff; Barbara Chapman, 51, Morrill.

30 Years Ago

A 30-60 day investigation by WING agents resulted in the arrest of five individuals and the seizure of drugs, paraphernalia and a number of handguns. The state’s witness who made the drug buy was later threatened.

Three Mitchell residents were arrested and charged with three separate shooting incidents in Mitchell, Gering and Henry.

Scottsbluff businessman Bill Tallmon announced he would file as a candidate for Scotts Bluff County Commissioner from District One.

During a visit to the Panhandle area, Democrat Bill Hoppner announced he would seek the office of governor.

The Panhandle Humane Society adopted a mandatory spay/neuter policy.

Died: Oceana Kramer, 82, Scottsbluff; Kenneth E. Waits, 78, Gering; Lydia Sell, 80, Scottsbluff; Goldie Mae Lesberg, 92, Bayard; Jeannette L. Deines, 55, Scottsbluff; Tessa Schaffer, 96, Scottsbluff; Martin Garneaux, 1 month, Scottsbluff; Harold W. Hopkins, 77, Scottsbluff.

20 Years Ago

Members of Gering City Council moved closer to putting the issue of LB 840 before the voters in the May primary.

As underage drinking becomes a growing problem, especially in rural areas, community leaders are doing something about it. Barb Jolliffe, executive director of Panhandle Substance Abuse Council, said her organization was recently awarded a grant from the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety to help prevent underage alcohol use in Scotts Bluff County.

Died: Rev. Joseph F. Hargarten, 83, of Gering; Darrell C. Onstott, 86, Gering; Marilyn Scmidt, 65, Gering.

10 Years Ago

A Lincoln law firm has been hired to assist the Gering School District with its bond campaign to build a new Lincoln Elementary School.

New laws in Gering ban concealed weapons, houses that provide prostitution, drugs and fortune-telling and criminal mischief.

Died: Levi Elsen, 35, Sidney; Chris Lee Craft, 53, formerly of Gering; Donald Jones, 87, Gering; Elsie Harimon, 87, Gering; Myrtle Nation, 93, Gering.

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