Yesteryears — Sept. 26

Keigan Heilburn reacts to hearing there are children involved in the admitted to get a hold of the car, "Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang." 

10 years ago

In spite of the economic turmoil the nation’s economy is currently going through, Nebraska’s economy is holding up much better, according to Jason Henderson, executive director of the Omaha branch of the Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas City. Henderson, along with other economists, spoke at the 2008 Nebraska Economic Forums. The first one was held at the Gering Civic Center.

Scotts Bluff County Tourism has launched a new campaign to attract more conventions and meetings to the area.

The North Platte Valley Historical Society will have their annual meeting on Oct. 9 at the Gering Civic Center. In late-September a never before publicly viewed collection of Native American and Paleolithic artifacts was placed on long-term loan to the North Platte Valley Historical Society.

Members of the Gering High School royal court included first attendants Adam Peters and Andee Christensen, King Ryen House, Queen Nikki Haskell and second attendants Phillip Schmidt and Madison Martiznez.

The Bulldog football team defeated Lexington in a close fight 22-20.

20 years ago

Gering ‘s property tax levy remained at 26.6 cents, the same as the previous two years.

Community leader and former Gering Mayor John McLellan Jr. retired from US Bank.

Scotts Bluff County Commissioners adopted a new policy for executive sessions that notes could be taken for internal use, but not for public record.

Brent Ellison and Amy Manasek were named king and queen for the Gering Homecoming.

The Gering Police Department got its second police dog.

A survey indicated that Nebraskans supported school consolidation, but only under certain circumstances.

30 years ago

Jeff Boppre of rural Scottsbluff was arrested without incident by the county sheriff for the slayings of Richard Valdez and Sharon Condon.

The Gering School Board passed a “just cause” transfer policy that students will attend the school according to where they live and that transferring a child to another attendance center was going to be difficult.

Marylee Bragg opened Video Etc. in Gering.

Gering agreed to sponsor the tourism sign lease near the Bayard turnoff on Highway 92.

40 years ago

A representative of the Western Nebraska Veterans Home in Scottsbluff requested the assistance of the Scotts Bluff County Commissioners after informing them a campaign to locate a non-denominational chapel on the property remained $8,500 short of this $21,500 goal.

Paul Christian was presented a plaque of recognition for his support of the Gering AFS program.

50 years ago

An ordinance authorizing the issuance of $1.5 million of industrial development revenue bonds for the Lockwood Industrial Site was approved by the city council.

Homecoming queen candidates at Chadron State College included three local girls: Gayle Kehn of Melbeta, Karen Hauen of Gering, and Judy Roth of Gering.

A record number of 575 students were enrolled at Nebraska Western College.

Don Childs Jr., in England as part of the American Foreign Exchange Teacher program, sent a letter to the Courier.

Mrs. Jennie Harris was honored during an open house for her 90th birthday.

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Warner of Gering and Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Pile of Harrisburg were winners of the Banner County Soil and Water Conservation honors.

60 years ago

The Gering High School band won their ninth highly superior rating at the Colorado University Band Day in Boulder.

The cornerstone for the Lockwood Memorial Boy Scout building was laid in Scottsbluff.

The Harrisburg Wildcats made it three wins in a row by defeating Dix 25-20

70 years ago

The Chamber of Commerce voted for a Community Chest.

Donabel Collins was installed as queen of the Gering Job’s Daughters.

Fyrne Gross and Clyde Thompson were married. Also married were Lois Hunter and Roy Sandberg.

80 years ago

Dr. and Mrs. Max Gentry sailed from Southampton for New York City on their return trip from China.

Jacob Foos, Anna Marie Kehn, John George, Yekel, Alexander Meter, John Tripple, John Weitzel, Amelia Bort, Jake Kaufman, Mary Kissler, Kate Hauf, Anna Elizabeth Roth, Marie Weideman, Carl Weitzel and Phillip Koch, all of Gering, passed their final citizenship exams.

Earl A. Chambers retired as agent at the Burlington Railroad station in Scottsbluff.

J.C. Seacrest, publisher of the State Journal, succeeded A.B. Wood of Gering as president of the State Historical Society.

90 years ago

Rolfe A. Maxon was killed in an accident at the Riford beet dump at the end of the Gering Valley beet spur.

Burglars broke into the Lexington Mill and Elevator office and the North Platte Valley Cheese Company, but nothing was reported missing.

Denver and Gering businessmen and many rail officers announced to visit Gering over the through line on Oct. 9.

Albert Christy and Heinrietta DeMott were married.

100 years ago

F.M. Torrey, formerly of Mitchell, became landlord of the Gering Hotel.

The fourth Liberty loan quota for Scotts Bluff County was fixed at $647,000.

T.C. Osborne’s name appeared at the masthead of the Morrill County News printed in Bayard.

Charles L. Schuler sold his two-section ranch in Cedar Valley to C.C. Hampton and W.N. Onstott.

A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Coy.

110 years ago

A.C. Morrison was building a new home just west of Mitchell Pass.

The county old settlers held their picnic in Gering and elected E.S. DeLaMatter as president and George Leavitt as secretary.

120 years ago

The brand committee allowed brands for Henry Reige, J.H. Vickery, Pricilla Scott, Charles Beatty, Eli Souder, Harvey Harwald, T.D. Deusch and Hiersche Brothers.

130 years ago

Tabor precinct took first place for agricultural exhibits at the Cheyenne County fair in Sidney.

Edson Gering, John W. Newhenham, Robert E. Engel, Ira Hubbard and Albert Hubbard all advertised for final proof.

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