LAUREN: Column Chore Time Relay team

Teams competed in the Morrill County farm to town relay during the 2018 county fair. Participants carried a bucket of water while stepping through tires. They also smashed eggs on people’s heads.

As I prepared for another week at work, my co-worker Ashley Young asked me if I wanted to be a member of the Gering Courier’s/Star-Herald’s team for a relay. I was up for a fun challenge and was not going to let my team down.

I don’t know who else will compete in the relay, but our team is prepared to show everyone our strength and agility.

What relay am I talking about?

The relaunch of the FFA’s Chore Time Relay, which will take place at the Scotts Bluff County Fair Tuesday, July 30 at 7 p.m. The chore time relay is coming back to this year’s fair as they switch up the events after organizing a donkey race for the previous two years.

After we formed our team of four, I decided to research what county fair chore time relays had for events. I figured they could not be too challenging and since I already do chores from laundry to mowing the lawn, I am going into the relay prepared. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

Flipping tractor tires, carrying buckets of water while jumping through tires and pushing wheel barrows are just some of the chore time events I found county fairs across the country had participants complete.

What did I sign myself up for?

While we won’t know the events until Tuesday evening, it will undoubtedly be an evening of laughter and fun.

Each team member will take turns dressing into overalls before completing chores in the arena. Publisher Rich Macke, sports reporter Preston Goehring and creative services Ashley Young will showcase their farm chore skills.

I spoke with Alan Held, a FFA advisor and one of the organizers of the Scotts Bluff County Fair Chore Time Relay about the event. While he wouldn’t reveal the events participants would complete, he informed me there would be some lifting challenges.

Many people may know that my husband is competing in Strong Man competitions. What they may not know is when he is at the gym, I’m loading his plates onto the equipment before and after each lift. Whether it’s carrying 45-pound plates or moving a 125-pound dumbbell, I can handle the weight and have always enjoyed competitive fun.

Although lifting an object is not something I’m too concerned about because of my training, I would prefer a speed challenge.

Growing up, I was involved in several sports like volleyball, basketball and track and field. I’ve been a sprinter and have always had fast feet on the court. Despite not playing a competitive sport since my junior year of high school eight years ago, I know my fast feet and strength will help our team come out victorious.

While everyone brings different strengths to our team, ideally my event would focus on agility.

Let’s say the Scotts Bluff County Fair event has the second or third event — carrying buckets of water through tires or pushing a wheel barrow. Those seem to fit my parameters. They really can’t be that hard, right?

I just grab a bucket and do high knees through the semi tires or I run with a wheel barrow full of something. I’ve done similar challenges when I was in elementary school for field days, so I got this.

With the images from other chore time relays in my mind, I am psyching myself up to be as fast as Road Runner with no mishaps like Wile E. Coyote.

As our team gets pumped up for the chore time relay Tuesday evening, I’m not only confident we will perform our best, but also we will create a fun memory we will share with family, friends and colleagues for years to come.

I encourage the community to support the local Scottsbluff FFA chapter while also enjoying hilarious entertainment as local businesses’ employees subject themselves to the responsibility of completing unknown chores quickly.

Come out for a fun time and I’ll see you Tuesday night at 7 p.m. as our team makes farm chores look easy with our strength and agility.

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