RICK MACKE: Journalism Competition & Preservation Act

Rich Macke Gering Courier Publisher

’Twas the Night before Christmas

And all through the Gering Courier

We were working like crazy

And listening to Christmas Carols.

There was lots of writing by Lauren,

Kamie, Mark & Jerry.

While Maunette was yelling at Jeff

“Can’t you write something a little more Merry?”

Editing and page designs

Had deadlines that were tight.

Kerri, Jordan & Elizabeth all yelled

“Late, not tonight.”

Rich was Buzzing ‘Round desks

pulling out his hair

Andrew, Peggie & Chera just laughed

And said, “What Hair?”

Steph, Ash and Dalene

Built the ads faster than the speed of light.

They gave them to Nicci, Duncan & Fonz

To proof, correct and make sure everything was just right.

Cheryl was tired

So many phone calls to get

With Kelly and Candy asking,

‘Is it quitting Time Yet?’

Sarah & Russ were Frantic

Circulation was a couple carriers short

And Brad was Yelling


Casey, Joseph & JP

Laughed with such delight.

While Connie and Jim Started

Their very own Gingerbread Cookie fight.

Dick, Steve, Sandra, Axle, Dakota and David

Were waiting on the press to play

Sandy & Karen were in bed

Their shift doesn’t start until the next day.

When all of a sudden

A sleigh landed outside

And in came St. Nicholas

He was Beaming with Pride.

“I Love what you do

With your Newspaper Here

Make sure that I read it

This Time Every Year.”

And as he left with his copy

Then flew out of sight

We heard “Merry Christmas to All

And to all A GOOD NIGHT!”

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