Sherry Preston's book review: ‘Living Like a Runaway’ is for rock & roll fans

Sherry Preston, Public Services Librarian at the Gering Public Library

“The Lager Queen of Minnesota” is a story about women and beer, written by a man. Author and food critic J. Ryan Stradel wasn’t finding strong women like his mother and grandmothers in popular literature, so he decided to write about them himself.

It starts with kids drinking beer behind a shed at a funeral. With her first taste of homebrewed beer, Helen realizes that nothing will ever be the same again. In college, she majors in chemistry with the goal of brewing beer. Helen’s obsession causes her to marry the heir to the Blotz Beer empire and cheat her sister Edith out of her inheritance to fund the struggling brewery.

Edith is hurt but goes on through her life, marrying a truck driver, having children and baking pies at a nursing home. Edith’s granddaughter comes to live with her and Grandma Edith takes a number of labor-intensive jobs to make ends meet. On the same day Edith finds her pies third on a list of the best pies in Minnesota, she gets a call from her husband’s boss:

“Edith,” Mr. Clyde said. “There’s been an accident. Now, first, your husband’s OK, he just has a concussion.”

She knew he was OK. They’d been married for almost 44 years exactly and she’d know it if he wasn’t alive somewhere. They could have sent him to Pluto and she’d know if he made it. But she also knew that this could happen sometime, and soon.

“What did he do now, Mr. Clyde?”

“Well, he drove a truckload of frozen hamburgers into the front of a Hardee’s in Sioux Falls. Normally they like their deliveries in the back, so I’m told.”

The book spans from the 1950s through now, from small-town Minnesota to St Paul. I loved Edith, but I would have liked to learn more about Helen, and Edith’s daughter throughout the book. The characters are lively and spunky, people I would enjoy knowing. It’s a story of determined women fighting for a dream and second chances, struggles and rewards. It is funny and uplifting.

“The Lager Queen of Minnesota” will appeal to beer drinkers, both men and women, those who like to read about family relationships and redemption. You can find this on the new book shelf at the Gering Public Library. Stradal also wrote “Kitchens of the Great Midwest,” which is now on my to-read list.

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