The 51st birthday of HiWay 92 Raceway Park featured a 50-lap Super Stock race that featured tight action before Chris Cox of Lochbuier, Colorado, captured the win over Scott Long on Saturday night at the park outside of Gering.

The Super Stock main was the highlight of the racing and the battle was intense. Cox, who also won the trophy dash and won the quicktime award, won the showcase race over a close Long in second, Christopher Buskirk in third, and Duane Buskirk in fourth.

A couple of other drivers were also double winners on the night. Brinna Phillips in the Minions, Davey Irwin in the Farm Trucks, and Rod Graves, sr., also picked multiple wins.

Irwin won the trophy dash and also took home the heat race win. In the main event, Chad Steele of Potter picked up the win over a second place finish by Dawson Jacobs. Irwin took third.

Phillips, of Hemingford, did the same thing as Irwin, capturing the trophy dash and the heat race in the Minions division. After winning the trophy dash, Phillips won the heat race over Brody James. The main event was a different story as Gering’s James captured the main win over Savanna Hickman, who won the quicktime award.

Graves, sr., did the very same thing as Irwin and Phillips. Graves won the trophy and then won the heat race over Larry Collins. The main event saw Brian Harden of Gering capture first over Collins who took second.

The final race of the night was a Figure 8 main and Gering’s Trent Rahmig captured first with a win over John Keith for the win to close out the night.

Racing at HiWay 92 will take a two-week break because of the Scotts Bluff County Fair. When racing does return in August, the track will have two nights of racing. The Aug. 9 race will feature the Bandoleros, Legends, Warriors, and Limited Late Models on Friday night. On Saturday, Aug. 10 the park will have the Bandoleros, Legends, Super Stocks, and Farm Trucks go head-to-head.

Trophy Dash Winners

Super Stock – Chris Cox

Farm Truck – Davey Irwin

Minions – Brinna Phillips

Vintage – Rod Graves, Sr.

Quicktime Winners

Super Stock – Chris Cox

Farm Truck – Tim Bland

Minions – Savana Hickman

Vintage – Kelly Kister

Farm Trucks

Heat – 1, Davey Irwin. 2, Chad Steele. 3, Loren Urwin.

Main – 1, Chad Steeel. 2, Dawson Jacobs. 3, Davey Irwin.


Heat – 1, Brinna Phillips. 2, Brody James. 3, Savanna Hickman. 4, Porter Kelley. 5, Avery Bernhardt.

Main – 1, Brody James. 2, Savanna Hickman. 3, Porter Kelley. 4, Brinna Phillips. 5, Avery Bernhardt.


Heat – 1, Rod Graves, Sr. 2, Larry Collins. 3, Harley Graves. 4, Brian Harden. 5, Kelly Kister.

Main – 1, Brian Harden. 2, Larry Collins. 3, Harley Graves. 4, Rod Graves, Sr. 5, Kelly Kister.

Super Stock

Heat 1 – 1, Chris Cox. 2, James Hintergardt. 3, Christopher Buskirk. 4, Scott Long. 5, Kyle Austin.

Heat 2 – 1, Duane Buskirk. 2, Tyler Knight. 3, Doug Fornstrom. 4, Chris Nelson. 5, Rick Fisher.

Main – 1, Chris Cox. 2, Scott Long. 3, Christopher Buskirk. 4, Duane Buskirk. 5, Kyle Austin. 6, Doug Fornstrom. 7, Chris Nelson. 8, Tyler Knight. 9, James Hintergardt. 10, Rick Fisher.

Figure 8s

Main – 1, Trent Rahmig. 2, John Keith. 3, Brayden Douglas. 4, Kirk Bernhardt. 5, Branden Smith.

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