Local drivers race in slick and wet

Gering's Trent Rahmig (15) leads John Ritts during the Warriors main event Saturday at HiWay 92 Raceway Park.

John Ritts won the Slick and wet Warrior race while Avery Bernhardt was a triple winner in action at HiWay 92 Raceway Park on Saturday.

Ritts, of Cheyenne, Wyoming, captured the Warrior main event with the Slick and Wet win over Luke Ulander in a race that featured a wet track. The race finished just in time before the Saturday evening downpour.

The Slick and Wet race featured 12 Warrior cars with plenty of cautions and tight racing. After Ritts and Ulander, Garret Rahmig finished third while Trent Rahmig took fourth in the main.

Ritts won the trophy dash as well as the first heat race. Trent Rahmig won the second heat race over Tegen Hitner.

Bernhardt was a triple winner in the Minion class. After capturing the trophy dash, Bernhardt came back and won the heat and the main event races, edging Sierra Ulander, who earned the Minion quick time honor.

The Super Stock races were also exciting. Tyler Knight, who had the fastest time in qualifying, edged Kyle Austin for the main event win. The battle between Knight, Austin, and the Miller Brothers was intense the whole night.

Austin was also a winner on the night, capturing the trophy dash. Jesse Fornstrom was also a winner on the night, winning the heat race over a second-place finish from Austin.

The Limited Late Models had some tight racing with the three cars. Not one of the races was a blow out by any means. Christopher Buskirk got things started with earning the quick time award with the fastest time in qualifying. That was it for Buskirk, though, as Scott Long captured the trophy dash and heat race, edging Buskirk in the heat.

The main event saw Ken Moore capture first with a heated battle with Long and Buskirk as the three cars were within a car’s length of each other all night.

Racing at HiWay 92 Raceway Park will take a week off for Oregon Trail Days, returning for action on July 20 for the 51st Birthday racing party with intense racing with the minions, super stock, farm trucks, and vintage cars taking to the track.

July 6 Racing Results

Trophy Dash

Super Stock – Kyle Austin

Minions – Avery Bernhardt

Limited Late Models – Scott Long

Warriors – John Ritts

Quick Time

Super Stock – Tyler Knight

Minion – Sierra Ulander

Limited Late Models – Christopher Buskirk


Heat 1 – 1, John Ritts; 2, Branden Smith; 3, Kirk Bernhardt; 4, Brayden Douglas; 5, Davey Urwin; 6, John Keith.

Heat 2 – 1, Trent Rahmig; 2, Tegen Hitner; 3, James Moody; 4, Luke Ulander; 5, Garret Rahmig; 6, John Ulander.

Main – 1, John Ritts; 2, Luke Ulander; 3, Garret Rahmig; 4, Trent Rahmig; 5, John Ulander; 6, Kirk Bernhardt; 7, Branden Smith; 8, Brayden Douglas; 9, James Moody; 10, Tegen Hitner; 11, John Keith; 12, Davey Urwin.

Super Stock

Heat – 1, Jesse Fornstrom; 2, Kyle Austin; 3, Tyler Knight; 4, Miller Brothers; 5, Dave Waechter.

Main – 1, Tyler Knight; 2, Kyle Austin; 3, Miller Brothers; 4, Jesse Fornstrom; 5, Dave Waechter.


Heat – 1, Avery Bernhardt; 2, Sierra Ulander; 3, Dalton Gass; 4, Brody James; 5, Brinna Phillips.

Main – 1, Avery Bernhardt; 2, Sierra Ulander; 3, Dalton Gass; 4, Brinna Phillips; 5, Brody James.

Limited Late Models

Heat – 1, Scott Long; 2, Christopher Buskirk; 3, Ken Moore.

Main – 1, Ken Moore; 2, Christopher Buskirk; 3, Scott Long.


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