Church services statewide are having to do things a little differently with the restrictions that the government has installed that prohibits that gathering of 10 or more people. Those COVID-19 related Directed Health Measure (DHM) have been put into place to help flatten the curve and prevent the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The majority of our local Churches have joined in and are live-streaming their worship services and making lessons available online for families. If our local churches don’t have that option, often due to funding, then their parishioners are given the online link to services of their nearest Bishop.

If you’d like to join an Easter service, the Hemingford Methodist Church will hold service on Zoom. Contact Pastor Esther Achi or Josh Dean for the link.

The Alliance Methodist Church will be hosting an online Easter Service as well. The Zoom service will begin at 10:30 a.m. on April, 12. Please email or call the church office at 762-3434 for instructions on how to attend.

The Alliance Berean Church will be hosting an online Easter Service. For that link head to

St. Bridget Catholic Church of Hemingford has a link on their website at for an online mass. Or go to for the Box Butte County Catholic information.

The St. John’s Lutheran Church in Alliance handed out Palm branches, kids crafts, and 'at home' resources at their church 'drive-thru'. They are keeping their parishioners up to date with their Facebook page as are most of the other churches.

The local Ministerial Association has organized an Ecumenical Easter Worship Service that will be held at the Sandhills Drive-in on Easter morning, April 12, at 10 a.m.

This will give you the chance to worship from the comfort and safety of your car with the experience of a worship service shared by some of our area churches. Sounds will come over your car radio.

They will be following guidelines to keep everyone safe. There will be no restrooms available. Everyone is asked to remain in their cars. No bulletins or song sheets will be handed out.

Other ways to enjoy Easter Sunday:

Video chat with your extended family throughout the day- let them know what your family is doing to make the day special. Easter Sunday is often a day that families all get together… in this time of social distancing this year will be different. Make things a little more normal with video calls.

Take time to cook and eat together- The highlight of many people’s Easter weekend is the big Sunday lunch and you don’t have to miss out just because you can’t leave your home. Make this year even more memorable by cooking as a family. Share recipes that you are planning to cook beforehand. Don’t forget that video chat call when it’s time to eat.  

Take part in an Easter craft competition- Whether that means dying Easter Eggs or coloring pictures, GET CREATIVE.

Have an Easter Egg Hunt- this one may be a no brainer but did you have to get creative with your egg dying this year since eggs are one of the grocery items that there’s a shortage of. Maybe you’re hunting for plastic eggs this year instead? Whatever kind of eggs you are hunting here’s a fun spin that my family has always done, the adults hide the eggs for the children to find and then the children hide the eggs for the adults. This can go on for hours! Be sure to count your eggs so you know if you are missing one. Finding a hidden egg several months later is not pleasant.

Enjoy some time outdoors, play a game, watch a movie… however you decide to spend Easter Sunday make sure that family is still a big part of it. Happy Easter everyone.

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