A couple of months ago, a poll asked Hemingford residents what kind of store was most needed in our community. The overwhelming response was a hardware store. Well, Hemingford already has a hardware store up and running and has had one for the past three years.

Three years ago this past spring, Farmer’s Coop decided that it would be smart to open a feed store in Hemingford. They remodeled the office location at 1012 Laramie and a feed and animal health supply retail store was established. However, manager Megan Paris soon realized that they needed to evolve into more of a community hardware store.

“The Gordon feed store is all ranch but that wasn’t really fitting our population,” Paris said.

“We’ve gotten so much more inventory since we first opened. There’s always people that come in and say they didn’t know we were here. They are always surprised to see just how much of a variety of merchandise that we do carry.”

“She’s always looking out for what people want,” Bart Moseman, Farmer’s Coop general manager said. “We carry a variety of pet food and chicken feed; there’s trash bags, gardening stuff, tools, car care, sprayer parts, valves, bolts/nuts…”

“Megan has done an amazing job at stocking that store and carrying just about everything,” Moseman added.

If there is something that they don’t carry, don’t hesitate to ask!

“What I usually do is if someone asks me for something two or three times then I’ll get it in,” Paris said. “Or if two customers ask for something similar then we can look into offering it. And if a customer needs something and doesn’t need it right away then I can order it. I hate saying no or I hate when we don’t have something that a customer is looking for.”

“We have fencing stuff and animal health, boots, pet food, lots of lawn and garden stuff, tools and all the fittings. Honestly the bolt/screw bin is our most popular area of the store, someone comes in at least once a day to look through it.”

To celebrate Farmer’s Coop 100th anniversary, Paris is happy to announce some summer giveaways. Stop in the store throughout the month of July and register, up to once daily, for the chance to win some awesome summer prizes. They will be drawing for a flat top Blackstone Grill, a fire pit, and a Cruiser Deluxe bicycle.

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