Fourth Hemingford Blood Drive a Success

Brandon Roland squeezes the little purple ball to keep the blood flowing while donating during the last blood drive of 2019.

The organizers of the November 13, 2019 Blood Drive in Hemingford had anticipated a reduction in the number of donors due to harvest  but once again the community came together and sent 46 units of blood back to Scottsbluff.  The West Nebraska Blood Center (WNBC) was pleased with the turnout; being able to restock the shelves this time of the year will get local hospitals through a good portion of the holiday season. 

Vicky Elder, Sara Knote and Vern Lubash were first time donors and there were four deferrals.  A recent flu vaccination is not cause for deferral but being a potential first time donor and not eating breakfast was a deferral.  The WNBC will not jeopardize anyone’s health or wellbeing to “meet a quota” so we look forward to a new donor next year.

The following people contributed to the remaining 43 units collected; Alaina Schaneman, Barb Grant, Bob Phillips, Brandi Burke, Brandon Roland, Brian Bishop, Bruce Winten, Dave Timmens, Deb Campbell, Diana Smith, Doug Armstrong, Ed Wernke, Emily Knote, Gary Gettert, JaeAnn Bradt, Jim Keegan, Joei Cullan, John Annen, John Prochazka, Jo Buchheit, Josh Beck, Kami Wills, Kathey Andersen, Kyle Huss, Lori Dannar, Luey Petersen, Michaela Gasseling, Michelle Kluver, Pat McMahon,  Rhonda Swanson, Rick Horstman, Rick Wobig, Robbie Buchheit, Rodney Planansky, Rod Prochazka, Roger Davies, Ryan Dannar, Ryan Schledewitz, Stacey Dillard, Susan Morava, Tabi Bryner, Tom Rowe and Vy Prochazka.

There will be a bit of a change to the first Blood Drive in Hemingford on February 19, 2020; Hemingford Public School’s National Honor Society will be hosting it at the school.  You will expect the same staff from WNBC, text messages for early sign-up, privacy and hospitality as you have in the past at the Hemingford Volunteer Fire Department (HVFD).   The challenge is on now; Emily and National Honor Society members, the most units of blood the HVFD has collected in a single drive is 64 units – can you top that?

The HVFD wishes to thank everyone that participated in the recent blood drive as well as all of the 2019 Blood Drives.  It would not possible to host these events without the support of the entire community.  Have a safe harvest and Thanksgiving.

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