Hemingford Community Care Center approved for Medicaid back-payment, sanction lifted

Village of Hemingford Board members Richard Wacker, Deb Hunter, John Annen, and Lynda Novotny. Not pictured is Deb Planansky

During October’s Village of Hemingford meeting, Acting Hemingford Community Care Center Administrator Lori Dannar reported to the board that they had received confirmation from the State that they would reimburse submitted Medicaid funds dating back to July of 2018.

“It was a page and a half of begging because usually they will go back three months and sometimes six months, but they approved us to go back to July of 2018,” Dannar said.

They have already received several months of payment from the Assisted Living side of the Care Center.

“We’re looking at close to $800,000 total,” Dannar added.

“Lori and I pulled some heart strings,” said Village Administrator Barb Straub.

Dannar explained some of the billing in a little more detail.

“Most everything before August of 2019, you’re looking at $27,000 each month from Medicaid. From August 5th to Sept. 9th was $72,000 that was deposited. From Sept 24th through Oct. 17 was $162,000... We’re getting the deposits in and have been able to pay some overdue bills.”

Currently the Care Center has 11 residents in Assisted Living with several on a waiting list and 25 on the Nursing Home side.

“We are licensed for 36 beds on the nursing home side,” Dannar said. “Our sanction will be up November 8th so we can start getting (Medicaid) nursing home residents again. (Pending receiving a letter from the State of Nebraska) I’ve sent pre-admission packets to all of the social worker discharge planners at hospitals and elsewhere.”

“Our big push right now is getting rid of our agency staff. We have an LPN agency that is $52 an hour,”

They are currently offering $3,000 sign on bonus for LPN’s.

“You’re doing a wonderful job in getting all of this straightened out,” said Richard Wacker

“There’s still a long ways to go but Medicaid was the big obstacle,” Dannar said. “We’re trying to get the community back into the community center. God works it out.”

To start the meeting, Jim Gardner of Gardner, Loutzenhiser and Ryan, P.C., presented the 2017-2018 Village Financial Audit to the Board.

“This is the first year that we have done the audit for at least four years,” Gardner said. “Overall I think the Village is doing a really good job with accounting and bookkeeping, Barb has a good grasp of it.”

“Financially you guys are also in a really good position. Funds are a lot better than they were six, seven, eight years ago; all the funds are in a positive state. Overall I don’t have anything negative to say.”

“I’ve been working on the Village of Hemingford for quite a few years and this is one of the strongest statements that you’ve had,” said Gardner.

“We would like to keep it that way,” said Novotny.

“It’s all because of her,” she said pointing to Straub.

Also during the meeting:

  •  Reading number two was done of Ordinance #809. The ordinance would revise the sewer rates of Hemingford utility customers. It was decided to move forward with a third reading of the ordinance to give them public more time to express any concerns that they might have.  

“In this case since if effects all of the citizens, I personally would rather give it the third reading,” said Village Board Member Deb Hunter.

  • Chief Dusty Bryner presented his report stating that there were somewhere around 45 traffic stops and 363 total screenings for the quarter.

“That’s about normal for this time of year,” Bryner said. “We did get our new camera system up and it’s fantastic.”

  • Sunday, December 8th will be the annual tree lighting celebration. More details to come.

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