Hemingford Volunteer Fire Department Thankful for Community Support

The Hemingford Volunteer firefighters and EMS members have answered 24 fire calls and made 95 EMS runs so far this year.

“We average around 130 calls a year,” Chief Shad Bryner. “Fortunately this year has been a slow year for fires which is good. There’s still potential out there but with as wet of weather we’ve had the fire calls have been slower this year.”

The HVFD covers approximately 932 square miles that reach into four counties.

“We had two grass fires last week,” Bryner said. “One was a trailer fire that started the grass on fire and then lightening started a fire out in Sioux County.”

He was excited to share the news of some new equipment that recently arrived.

 “We were able to use some of our memorials and donations to put towards the purchase of new air-packs,” Bryner said.

Air-packs are the self-contained breathing apparatus that is worn by rescue workers/ firefighters to provide breathable air in an immediately dangerous to life or health atmosphere.

They were able to purchase 12 new apparatus’ and 10 new oxygen bottles. These will replace the old equipment that was or was nearly outdated.

“If we have a fire in a structure, a vehicle on fire, equipment on fire, or any hazardous or potentially hazardous condition we wear these,” Bryner said. “If we are going on a grass fire those aren’t necessary. It’s just to protect us so that we are able to breathe in hazardous situations.”

The HVFD’s roster is currently sitting at 29 members with one empty position. The current members are Shad Bryner, Robbie Buchheit, Mary Curtis, Seron Dillard, Jake Frost, Jordan Glendy, Jim Grumbles, Lisa Haas, Bobby Henderson, Mike Honstein, Ryan Hunter, Shawn Hunter, Jess Huss, Barb Keegan, Jim Keegan, Mark Klemke, Dan Kluver, Michelle Kluver, Kyle Kumpf, Tim Kumpf, Jim Miles, Robert Planansky, Aaron Sorensen, Jodine Sorensen, Mindy Stites, Mark Swanson, Jameson Wood, Randy Wood and Ron Wood.

If somebody wants to be on the HVFD then they need to speak to one of the members. They will then fill out an application and go through an interview process before being approved.

During the last Bobcat home football game on September 13th the HVFD manned the gates and handed out vouchers for 323 bags of popcorn. The only individuals that received a voucher were the ones that were wearing their seatbelts.

The statistics from that were: 85 percent of the kids were buckled up and 79 percent of the adults.

“It would be great if the kids were 100 percent and the adults were 80 but it’s not too bad,” Bryner said.

“It’s good to train your kids so they don’t have to think about it or complain because it’s just something that they do.”

The current members of the HVFD have a combined total of 368 years of service with the HVFD.

The following list details how long each member has been a volunteer with the department:

Jess Huss - 37 years

Ron Wood - 26 years

Randy Wood - 26 years

Tim Kumpf - 24 years

Barb Keegan - 24 years

Jim Keegan - 23 years

Mark Klemke - 22 years

Ryan Hunter - 21 years

Aaron Sorensen - 19 years

Lisa Haas - 18 years

Shad Bryner - 18 years

Jodine Sorensen - 17 years

Mark Swanson - 12 years

Jim Miles - 12 years

Robbie Buchheit - 11 years

Mike Honstein - 11 years

Mary Curtis - 8 years

Shawn Hunter - 8 years

Jim Grumbles - 6 years

Jake Frost - 6 years

Seron Dillard - 6 years

Mindy Stites - 4 years

Bobby Henderson - 2 years

Kyle Kumpf - 2 years

Dan Kluver - 2 years

Michelle Kluver - 2 years

Robert Planansky - less than 1 year

Jordan Glendy - less than 1 year

Jameson Wood - less than 1 year

The HVFD will hold their annual Bosses Night fundraiser tentatively on Saturday, Nov. 2 at the Fire Hall in Hemingford. A fundraising auction will take place following the meal. The Ledger will have more details and an official time and date on this event as it nears.

Donations, as always, play a vital role in funding a volunteer fire department.

If you are interested in donating to our local fire department, please mail your donation to:

Hemingford Volunteer Fire Department

P.O. Box 598

Hemingford, NE 69348

We thank every firefighter and EMT, past and present, for answering the call.

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