Hemingford Public Schools Proposed Construction Plan, Bond Election Meeting

The proposed construction plans for the Hemingford Public School building are on display in the window at the Hemingford Ledger office. Feel free to stop by and take a look at the plans while you’re out enjoying some fresh air. Please be mindful of social distancing and give others distance. Plans will also be available in this article and on the schools website.

Hemingford Public School Superintendent Charles Isom hosted the first online Bond Election Meeting on Tuesday evening through YouTube.

Isom welcomed the Bobcat Nation that was watching and urged them to please continue to follow health safety measures as local officials are expecting an increase in COVID-19 cases in our area in the weeks to come.

“Be careful and take care of each other,” Isom said. “Let’s try to get through this as best we can.”

He went on to say that the Hemingford School Board passed a resolution on February 27, 2020 to pursue a bond for a construction project that has been in the works since last spring.

“The bond was placed on the ballot and early election ballots have went out through the mail so I thought it was best that we get some information out,” Isom said.

Isom stated that he met with a community committee last May to discuss the project. The final dollar amount for the project was delayed as plans were tweaked and changed along the way.

“An example of that are the administration offices, in the beginning I was adamant that Mary and I would stay put then the idea was floated to turn my office into dry storage for the kitchen which is much needed and Mary’s office will be a testing room or teacher’s lounge,” Isom said. “The high school principal and secretary’s current area will become a guidance office.”

“When we started this project the focus was getting out of the modular and enlarging the elementary classrooms,” said Isom. “The second part was high school needs, room for our school-within-a-school and medical training classes (the CNA) which I’m happy to report that all six kids passed and are now licensed CNA’s. These are presently held in the basement of the Catholic Church. Our K-12 art class needs a bigger room and the Spanish classes are holding the library hostage. The gym is part of the bigger picture.”

A question that is frequently coming up is “Why a new gym?”

“The focus is getting a regulation stage as well as getting more space,” he said. “The extra space will allow students to practice sooner so that students are getting home at a more practical hour.”

Students report getting home at 10 o’clock at night when there are basketball, one-act, wrestling (and so on) practices going on.

The additional gym space would help with academics as gym is a required class that has to be changed often if the gym is being used for something else.

Architect Lee Davies has been working with Isom and the school board on the designs. He also designed the Red Zone which is now a very functional space that connects the elementary and high school buildings.

Davies presented the plans for the new construction with a slide show presentation. To view the presentation, please go to the Hemingford Public School or the Hemingford Ledger’s Facebook for that YouTube link.

Hemingford Public Schools Proposed Construction Plan, Bond Election Meeting

The proposed bond is in the amount of $14.3 million that will be collected over the next 25 years. The total projected cost for the project is $15.8 million.

To vote on the bond you must be a registered voter of School District 10. For more information on voting Box Butte County residents please visit boxbuttecounty.us, Dawes County residents please visit dawes-county.com, and Sheridan County please visit sheridancounty.ne.gov.

Mr. Isom is available daily to answer questions or hear your concerns at 487-3328. Questions can also be emailed to Charles Isom at cisom@gubn.org. The next information meeting will be on April 27 at 7 p.m. on YouTube.  

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