Bands on the Bricks kicked off on Friday for the summer of 2019. This year is the 5th anniversary for the popular event featuring a variety of live music on Friday evenings throughout the summer.

Just like last year, there will be a show every Friday evening of July in Alliance between the 200 and 300 blocks on Box Butte Ave. The last show will once again be in Hemingford for Bands on the Butte on August 2nd.

The Ledger will be bringing you pictures from each of the shows along with a preview of the show to follow. 

Attendance was better for the first show than Bands on the Bricks Coordinator Elizabeth Fritzler had hoped, especially with it being the weekend after the 4th of July so many had traveled out of town or were camping. The rodeo was also going on outside of Alliance which often means turnout for Bands on the Bricks is down. Neither of those seemed to effect the show attendees were lucky as the storm went around.

“The weather was questionable but it held out,” said Fritzler.

Gabriel the Brute opened up for Crossbell to start the Bands on the Bricks series. Both bands happen to be local in this case.

There are a few things new this year with the event. Live music will be played between 6 and 10 p.m. and the main act will be opened by local musical talent.

“The whole reason I wanted an opening act was because it seemed like last year a lot of people were showing up later in the evening,” Fritzler said. “So I thought why not extend the show and bring on some local talent to open.”

Also new this year was the stage was set up on the south end of the entertainment district instead of the north end.

“Mainly to pull it away from 3rd Street and the traffic,” Fritzler said. “Also by doing so we were able to get a whole extra hour or setup time as we can block off the south end of the street at 3 p.m. which helped tremendously.”

“We will do a couple of changes for next week. We will scoot the vendors back in front of the bank and scoot the tables toward the north. Just to make more room,” she added.

Local food and drink vendors are on site so no outside food or drink will be allowed. Please have your ID handy if you plan to purchase alcohol and please drink responsibly.

This coming Friday, local talent Phillip Hawkins will take the stage to open up for Kasey Tyndall.

Tyndall was booked for last year but due to the forecasted weather, Fritzler moved the event to the Eagles.

“I’m really excited for Friday,” Fritzler said. “Kasey is so, so good. I really want everybody to be there, don’t miss Kasey!”

“She’s incredible talented. She blew me away last year at the Eagles with just her acoustic show so I can’t even imagine how awesome she’s going to be with her whole band. I just hope that the weather cooperates so everyone has a chance to see her show.”

Fritzler went on to say, “I’m excited to show her what Bands on the Bricks is all about. It would be so awesome to pack the street for her. She has a new single out called, ‘Wrap around porch’.”

Tyndall conquered over 100 tour dates in 2017, with the likes of Kane Brown, Granger Smith, Parmalee, Casey Donahew, Wheeler Walker Jr. and The Cadillac Three... and there appears to be no slowing down.

Tyndall said, “Music has an amazing ability to bring us all together, no matter what our unique backgrounds may be.  I particularly love that about Country Music – it’s a genre big enough for all of us. And as a female I can only aspire to be me, to be true to myself and to the style of music I’m making, all while trying to make the world a better place through songs.”

See you all Friday!

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