90 percent of winter wheat has been harvested

The USDA Crop Progress Report for the week ending August 11, 2019 indicates topsoil moisture supplies rated at 2 percent very short, 12% short, 78% adequate, and 8 percent surplus. Subsoil moisture supplies rated 1 percent very short, 11% short, 79% adequate and 9% surplus. Winter wheat harvested was 90 percent, which is behind last year’s 97 percent and the five year average of 99 percent.

Producers in the northern Panhandle said harvest progressed nicely during the last week. They estimate as much as 75 percent of the region is now harvested, and hope to finish final fields this week. Yields reported as above average with ranges from 45 to 90 bushels per acre. Test weights on recently harvested wheat suffered from all the precipitation and averaged 58 to 59 pounds. Protein for the region is averaging 9-10.5 percent.

In the southern Panhandle, producers estimate total harvest is 80 to 100 percent complete. However, some western parts of the region have as little as 60 percent harvested with delays caused by rain and humidity. Those areas received as much as an additional inch of rain over the weekend, with producers reporting harvest unlikely to start again until at least Tuesday. Yields across the entire region are reporting above average. Most proteins are in the 9 to 11 percent range. Test weights vary greatly depending on the quantity of moisture at harvest. Producers reported test weights ranging from 58 to 62 pounds.

Harvest in southwestern Nebraska is complete. Test weights ranged from 60 to 64 pounds. Protein levels varied from 8 to 13.5, with an average level of 10. Yields varied greatly throughout the area as well, though most reported above average. Yield ranges from the region varied from 40 to 90 bushels per acre.

Harvest in South Central Nebraska is complete. Test weights in the area averaged 60 pounds. Protein levels averaged 10 percent. Yields varied greatly in this region as well. Hail early in the season devastated some fields causing yields as low as 3 bushels per acre. Fields with good stands yielded as high as 90 bushels per acre. Most fields averaged yields in the upper 40s and low 50s bushels per acre.

Harvest in southeastern Nebraska is complete. Yields ranged from 40-85 bushels per acre. Test weights were lower due to rains at harvest and head blight producers said. Most test weights averaged 57-60 pounds. Protein levels varied for the region too, with most averaging in the low 10s. Producers estimated head blight in harvested fields ranged from 0-10 percent affected grain.

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