This month Redman’s Shoes celebrates 40 years providing shoes for Box Butte County and the surrounding areas.

Owner Dave Pearse moved to Alliance from Kearney in 1980. He was employed at the Redman’s in Kearney and moved to Alliance to help with the brand new location.  

“It’s been wonderful,” he said with a smile. “I moved here a single man; I got married and had two kids. We raised a family and have been involved in all kinds of things. From getting rid of the parking meters the first month that I was here to flying kites over Carhenge and everything in between.”

Residents of Box Butte County and the surrounding areas have been shopping at Redman’s for generations. Redman’s has always been the place to not only get your shoes for work and play but also for sports. Area businesses such as BNSF, Simplot, Parker, and Farmer’s Coop give their employees vouchers to take to Redman’s to purchase their work boots.

“I appreciate western Nebraska’s lifestyle and its pace and the people: that’s why we’re all here right,” said Pearse. “Thank goodness for our customers. It’s just been great. An anniversary is a good time to look back, reflect and be thankful.”

Things have changed so much at Redman’s over the past 40 years. 40 years ago there were no shoes on the sales floor at all.

“When people would come in you’d measure their foot, put the ashtray next to them so they could smoke a cigarette while you got them a variety of shoes to try on,” Pearse said. “Everything has changed. It’s just like the little guy doesn’t come out and pump gas for you anymore, everything changes. We don’t sell the same way, we don’t have sales the same way… we don’t do anything the way that we used to but I guess that’s just changing with the times I suppose. It’s just the way it is.”  

He explained some of the major things that have changed:

“Our business used to be about six to one woman’s shoes and now it’s about 50/50. So you just pick up from there and learn how to adapt.”

“We used to be partners with everyone that we bought from and now we are in competition with everyone that we buy from.”

“Transfer of the business… I suppose that is true for any big dollar thing: ranchers or other businesses that have tried to sell. But in retail what you often see when you can’t find someone that either has the expertise or the money then they just close the store. Because it’s quick, it’s easy, and you just cash out. The entire inventory is where the assets are at, so somebody has to buy it or we have to sell it one at a time. But we’ll be here as long as the customer considers us to be relevant which means they are shopping and so far that is still happening. However, it is the 40th anniversary and I’m getting up there.”  

Redman’s employees all post pictures and update customers with their Facebook and Instagram pages. They also have a website but not their entire inventory is listed and not every sale is featured on the site. “We sold two pair of boots that went to Missouri, the day before a pair went to Eugene, Oregon, and the day before a pair of sandals that went to Texas,” chuckled Pearse.

“If we sell six pair a week we’ll be happy… The sales started off slow at the beginning. There’s about four or five kings that you’re fighting against. The thing that we sell the most is a discontinued item that somebody had once and they loved it but now the company doesn’t make it anymore. They find us and we still happen to have a pair in a size that they need.”   

Redman’s carries a full inventory of footwear and other items for the whole family. They are open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

They have sport specialty footwear for all athletes. Along with footwear, we also offer apparel, insoles, laces, polish, socks, and much more. Stop by, you never know what you might find at Redman's Shoes.

Buchheit Precision will host the next Perfect Blend on April 14th at 9 a.m. 

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