Hemingford Public School

The bond for the possible Hemingford Public School construction project is set to be on the May ballot. However the coronavirus pandemic has affected the ability for the school board to conduct community committee meetings.

“Of all times to be in a bond issue,” said Superintendent Charles Isom. “This isn’t the plan that I had obviously.”

“I have to be honest my heart is broken and I have just lost my focus on this,” Isom said. “The focus has shifted to how we are going to finish the year and stay healthy.”

The plan is to have Lee Davies Architecture present information on Tuesday, April 7th at 7 p.m. during a Facebook Live event. Email cisom@gubn.org during the event with questions and they will try to answer them. Or they will put a Q&A sheet together to share.  The plans will also be posted on the school website.

“I am working on an informational mailer to get to people in the district,” Isom said.

“The bond election is still on the ballot,” he said. “So providing information anyway that we can is what needs to happen.”

“We want to get as much information in front of the public as possible still but the coronavirus pandemic has made that difficult,” said Isom.

Seems like the project has had setback after setback but this pandemic is the ultimate setback for all parties involved.

Isom has mentally prepared himself for this bond to not pass in May however he would still like to get as much information out to the public as possible. That way in the event that it does not pass in May, the public will be better informed when the bond is back on the ballots in November.  

The project would include 57,250 square feet of new construction:

8 new elementary classrooms

6 new high school classroom

New entry way to the west

Gymatorium--larger stage and more space for activities

New office area

Weight room

Wrestling room

The project also includes 1,574 square feet of renovation which includes enlarging present rooms in the elementary building.

Some things that the project would do: remove the modular classrooms, no more renting rooms in church--$1,200 a month, everyone under one roof--except ag shop, turn existing wrestling room into ag classroom, larger elementary classrooms, address heating and cooling concerns in rooms at existing elementary during remodel, install elevator--ADA access to second floor, two new modern science rooms for 7-12, larger room for k-12 art, present 7-12 principal office to become guidance office, guidance office to become janitor closet, present superintendent office to become dry storage for kitchen, and present sped office to become sped classroom

The total cost of the project is $15.8 million.  The board has put $1.5 toward the project.  The 25 year bond would be for $14.3 million.  This equates to 12 cents on the levy.  The board will move 7 cents from the building fund to the bond fund.  Additional levy increase of 5 cents. 

Lee Davies Architecture has prepared numbers for the three different options for the Hemingford Public Schools Additions and Alterations 2020. Pick up a copy of the Ledger for those numbers. 

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