Hemingford Street Project Constrution

Before they were moved away from the construction zone, Sawyer Hunger (standing) and Aubrey and Jakob Schledewitz enjoyed playing in the loose dirt and mimicking the construction crews as they tore up the intersection of Kearney and Laramie last Friday.

The Village of Hemingford Board of Trustees voted unanimously during their monthly meeting on Monday evening to adopt a $5.81 Million budget for Fiscal Year 2019-2020 and set the levy the same as last year at 48.395 cents.

The 2019-2020 property tax request was set at $217,525.80.

“There is no tax call for bonds,” said Accountant Jim Gardner of Gardner, Loutzenhiser & Ryan PC. “The sales tax money that you have sitting in that fund right now is enough to cover the bond payments that you have.”

“The levy sits at about 48 cents,” he added. “Three cents of that is the MFO and the city part of that is 45. The levy is about ten cents lower than it was just three years ago when we had the Care Center bond.”

He went on to explain, “Of the total budget of $5.8 Million, roughly $2 Million of that is the Care Center. There’s a couple of big projects budgeted in here; the streets at $927 Thousand, $150 Thousand budgeted for waste water, and $350 Thousand budgeted for water. So $1.5 Million in capital improvements in the budget … Total operating expenses for the Village, $2 Million, projected to come in at fiscal year ending Sept. 30, 2019 coming in at $1.8 Million. So just about $200 Thousand extra operating expenses; we always budget a little high on expenses so we don’t have to go back and amend the budget if something unexpected comes through.”

He mentioned that the budget was a lot easier to put together this year because they didn’t have to make so many cuts to try to make it work.

Little discussion was had between board members and no comment was offered from the public.

“The Village is in great shape financially,” said Village Administrator Barb Straub.

The first reading was read of Ordinance #809 that would increase sewer service rates by $2.50 cents taking it from $12 per month to $14.50 per month. A second reading will be done next month to give the public the opportunity to object.

Straub reported on the street project during her report.

A follow-up phone call was made to Project Manager Aaron Wood with KL Wood the next day.

“So far Parks Street is complete and Kearney Street should be complete by the end of this week,” Wood said. “Looks like Miles will be the last street for this year, we’ve got four or five blocks to do on Miles that we’re going to try to get those done before it gets too cold. If we get Miles done we should be about two-thirds of the way done with eight blocks complete.”

He noted, “We got kind of a late start because of the wet year. We’ve had a lot of rain storms since we started. It’s been a tough year for construction, everything has been behind. The asphalt on these streets was only about two inches thick in parts so they were falling apart.”

Other items discussed during the Village Meeting:

Resolution 2019-10 was signed moving the day of the monthly regular board meeting to the third Monday of the month, temporarily for six consecutive months beginning October 2019.

April Delsing was appointed to the Library Board.

Gerald Thomas was appointed to the Hemingford Housing Authority Board.

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