It goes without saying but we all know deserts are quite harsh environments. Water scarcity, food scarcity, well camouflaged poisonous reptiles maybe, dry and dusty with extreme cold at night. Now desserts have a little more joyful thoughts in our head. Maybe one thinks of celebrating with friends and kind of relaxing.

There is only one difference as far as spelling in the two, dessert has two s’s. I am going to use that second “s” to represent salvation. The world is kind of a desert, yes, it produces food and water galore in many places, but it has no spiritual food.

The Bible says, “Man shall not live by bread alone.” Man really needs that Word of God that brings salvation to us. Salvation brings us joy because we can rest in the forgiveness of sins that Jesus has earned for us. We may have it rough, we may be struggling in many ways, but we can take a deep breath and say, “God is with us.”

Don’t spend your days out in the miserable conditions trodding away, thirsting and hungering for the Word, no need of you to do that because Christ has come to make life different for you and He even gives you life abundantly.

God loves you and cares about you, don’t be dubbed.

God Bless You!

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