Your best shot.... We have all been in situations where we gave it our best shot. Maybe in a sports game of some kind, maybe trying to fix something and we were a little out of our comfort zone. Maybe a good and dear friend wanted you to get something settled.

Absolutely nothing wrong with giving it your best shot but is also kind of says that a lot of the time we are not giving it our best shot. I don’t always give it my best shot at listening to someone, and I don’t always give it my best shot at caring about something.

When it comes to our spiritual lives, I sure fall short of following God’s ways. I fall short of prying continuously, I sure fall short of not judging, my sinful nature falls far short of all that God wants me to know and act. But thanks be to God, He loves me anyway and sent His Dear Son, Jesus to be my substitute for all my sin and shortcomings.

Thanks be to God that I am no longer a slave to sin, but a slave to righteousness. Even though I can’t hit the target, I want to spend my days giving it my best shot because He gave His very best for you and I.

Our trust in Him leads to Salvation!

God Bless You!