Confession, do you find it hard to confess any wrong doing? If you do, welcome to the human race.

I know, I thought I was a master at covering up any wrong doing and I am sure I don’t stand alone. I guess we started out as kids trying to deny any wrong doings, we were scared of the consequences, punishments and we sure didn’t want to reveal our real selves. We don’t lose any of that ability when we become adults either, and in fact we can even become better at hiding the truth. We might even think we have options in not confessing.

We can sometimes blame others, maybe fab up some big excuse, or maybe just deny it. Looking back don’t you just love someone who said “Yes, I did it.”?

The ending came sooner and after a while one felt better. God loves it when we confess our sins to Him. He already knows all of them anyway but He loves it when you own it, take responsibility, and know that you have a sinful nature. You are on the road to wisdom and peace when you can tell God that you are sorry for your sins.

He promises to make a new creature out of you. God loves sinners, He loves us for our great neediness not because sin is lacking in us. When you are on your knees with your hands folded, trusting in God, you are in the best position your body can be in this life.

God loves you and God Bless You!

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