Good Life... I reckon that is what we are after. I think every port of entry in Nebraska has a sign that says “Nebraska The Good Life.”

I am a South Dakota boy and very proud of my home state. I think they both have a lot to offer.

After becoming a Christian the motto (Good Life) has a shortened explanation of the (Good Life.) While there are many secular people who do well in life, pay their taxes, work hard, have friends and are genuine, yet they lack the ability to hold onto something that lasts for eternity.

This life that we live is quite miniscule to eternity.

The Bible says, “What good does it do if a man would gain the world and yet lose his soul?”

We would be much better off not being born than burn in everlasting hell. But they say because of sin, we are only living in the moment. The moment is more important to us than our future. God can correct all our walking down the wrong path and help us get on the right one, but only He can do that.

No amount of willpower, determination, or righteous living will take us down the right path. Many people have found that out before we came along. God showed them the good life and walked with them until their last day came and He is quite capable of doing the same for you.

Good life means, you have been forgiven for all your sins, you have been adopted into God’s family, you have an eternal home that cannot be taken from you. Nice thing about it, you can live in any state or country in the world to have that.

Always more to listen to. Seek the Church, seek that Word.

God Bless you!

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