Grace, what comes to your mind? We use to play horse in basketball and if you got the letter e you would get a grace shot to possibly stay in the game. If you are with a dignitary during social hour and get to see how they mix in the crows you might say they are sure graceful. I am not sure what Webster says on this but to me being graceful and making everyone feel acceptable even if they knew your past. In the Bible Grace is an important word.

The Apostle Paul had a thorn in the flesh and Paul asked God three times to remove out without any success, God instead said, “My grace is sufficient for you.” I think all humans have a thorn in the flesh of some kind. Maybe we try our best to conceal it, maybe it makes us feel shame and weak, maybe we think we would be better off without it. We have to remember another Bible verse also, “When I am weak then I am strong.”

Thorns can help us rest in Christ instead of our old sinful natures. This statement is unscriptural but I think trying to be perfect is overrated. I could see a bunch of one’s acquaintances looking out the window while Perfect Pauletta arrives at the door saying “let’s get out of here for here comes the perfect one.”

But the one’s thoughts that count the most sees us as perfect for He has forgiven all our sins, in the meantime we are called to live in His Grace which will sustain us until we reach eternal perfection and joy. God Bless You!

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