Dave’s Pharmacy has been serving the community for the past 5 1/2 years in Hemingford and a year and a half in Alliance.

Owner Dave Randolph described what they do for recycling.

He said: We have a recycling bin in the back in Hemingford and a pickup in Alliance by KAB. We keep all cardboard, paperboard that product is packed in, plastic bottles, and reams of paper. We have 2 recycling trash cans in the store in Hemingford and 1 big one in Alliance. They’re placed in locations that make it easy for the staff to use while not interfering with their workflow. It was kind of a challenge to get buy in from the staff, but now everyone has got it down. I feel it’s very important to do whatever we can to decrease the amount of trash we throw out. There’s only so many acres of landfill you can have and you would be amazed how much junk mail and faxes you get in a business that is recyclable. Our prescription bottles are even biodegradable. KAB has been great to work with and they make recycling less of a hassle. When we started, I would go to the bins and separate everything out. Sometimes, we had enough to almost fill one of the pockets by ourselves. KAB took notice and arranged for us to have our own bin which they come and pick up.

At the end of the day, I would guess each store produces about a trash bin full about every 2 weeks.

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