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The Hemingford Bobcat Football Team headed to Perkins County to take on the Plainsmen for the last game before playoffs. They walked away winners with a score of Bobcats 53 to Plainsmens 16.

Questions and answers with Coach Jordan Haas.

Going into the game on Friday, how was the team moral? What were you expecting?

Team morale was good. We knew that our season was on the line and we had to win to play in the playoffs. We were very focused on the task at hand and I was very proud of the boys for taking care of business.

How did the team play?

We played very well. I think we ran 5 offensive plays and had 27 points on the board to start the game. Coach Wood had another really good game plan for the defense and we were able to execute our plans in all phases of the game.

What did the halftime pep talk look like?

We didn’t really have to give a “pep talk.” We were executing very well at the time and so adjustments were very limited as well. Our halftimes are spent mostly talking about offensive and defensive adjustments. We also have fruit and juice for the boys to eat to get a little boost coming out in to the second half.

Did anyone stand out?

For about the third week in a row we played really well up front. It felt like anytime Carter Buchheit touched the ball it had a chance to go the distance.

What does tomorrow’s game look like?

Dundy-County-Stratton is very talented. We will have to play really well to have a chance to win. But hey, this is the playoffs and you should have to play really well to win. There is some familiarity with our programs. We were in the same district for several years and we attend the same camp in the summer. They know some of our inner workings and we know some of their inner workings. I think that each team will throw some different things at the other just based off of familiarity. I know that we definitely have a few things that are going to change to throw them a curveball.

Are the guys excited?

Anytime you get a chance to play in the playoffs it is a privilege. We are very excited and do not take this privilege for granted.

What are you expecting?

We are expecting a tough game against a good opponent. Both teams had to win enough games to qualify to play so it will be a tough game. I expect DCS to throw some wrinkles at us just like we will to them because of the familiarity with each team.

How do playoffs work?

Class D1 plays a 32 team playoff split into east and west divisions. Each side is seeded 1-16 with the higher seed hosting the game. If a team who is traveling in a prior round wins, they will be home the next week provided the team they are matched up with was not also on the road and a higher seed.

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