The Hemingford Bobcat Varsity Football Team headed to Sutherland last Thursday. They came home with their third loss of the season with a final score of 60-18.

“The surprising part about that is that we led 18-15 going into halftime,” said Bobcat Head Coach Jordan Haas.

“It was really a tale of two halves,” Haas described the game. “We matched their physicality during the first half and did our jobs and trusted each other. In the second half, Sutherland didn’t really do anything we weren’t expecting them to do we just didn’t play well. We had lack of focus combined with blown assignments and then we started second guessing ourselves. When we are not completely locked in we blow assignments or play with lack of effort and a good team like Sutherland can make you look really silly in a hurry. We had some unfortunate momentum swings that happened but we have to do a better job of working ourselves out of those situations and fighting through some of the tough parts of the game.”

“We were playing really well in the first half and had the lead on an undefeated team. I would say a lot went right. When the second half hit there were less things going right and that is why we unfortunately found ourselves on the wrong side of that score.”

“We had a couple players put a good game together but when you get smacked like that it’s hard to find anyone who really played stellar. I do like the way that Jake Sellman is playing right now. I really like his effort level on most plays and that is helping him find a way to make more plays.”

The Bobcats head to Bayard for this week’s game.

“In one word, cold,” Haas said. “Looks like the temp is going to be down there and the wind is going to be up there. Weather is part of the game and it is one of the reasons we emphasize running the ball so much. If you can run the ball when it’s hot you can run it when it’s cold. Our kids are ready for the challenge and want to get back in the win column in district play.”

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