Questions and answers with Head Bobcat Football Coach Jordan Haas.

The Hemingford Bobcats took on the Morrill Lions here at home during their last regularly scheduled season game.

Alright how was Friday’s game?

The game went well. Anytime we can win a game on Friday we are going to be pleased. There are things we need to work on heading into the final week of the regular season but we feel good about a win.

Were the guys excited going into parents night?

This was a different week for us due to fall break. The kids didn’t have school Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday so it can be a little tough being out of routine. I’m really proud of the way the handled themselves with an off schedule week. Parent’s night is a special time for us that we get to thank our families for their support during the season. We understand that it can be long and we don’t always have the best attitudes when we get done with a practice so it is our chance to say thank you to the people who are there for us during those times.

How was the feeling for the seniors, knowing that it was their last regular home game?

The seniors were excited about the game but it is always a bittersweet feeling. The senior year flies by and before we know it we will be watching them graduate on a Saturday next May. I’m sure there were mixed emotions just like with anything. Some of them have a hard time believing that it’s done and some of them are excited for the next chapter.

How was that for you? How long had you coached the seniors? Any advice for them?

I’m not going to lie, I get a little emotional during their last parent’s night. I always give them a gift and thank them for their commitment to the team. I have had this group all the way through high school, so watching them grow as football players and young men is very rewarding. I like to try and tell them to savor each moment of their senior year because it does go by so quickly and before you know it is just all memories.

What worked well Friday?

We got our run game going again on Friday. When we can do that we have a lot of wrinkles that we can go to from our base runs. We have play action passes and a few misdirection type plays that work really well but only if we can get our base runs going. Coach Wood did another awesome job with the defensive game plan. We knew that they were an explosive team and had a chance to make some explosive plays but most of their big plays came after our mistakes whether that was a turnover or a penalty.

Was the cold a factor? I know it was probably one of the reasons for the turnovers on the punts

I don’t really want to blame the cold for some of the mistakes that we made. Both teams played in the same weather. We just made some mistakes, both teams did. We were able to overcome our mistakes better than Morrill was. We need to clean up our mistakes with practice this week. The good thing for us is that the mistakes we made Friday are correctable mistakes.

What’s next?

We are headed to Grant to play Perkins County. They are a young team but they have some good athletes. We need to take care of business this week to make sure we can secure a playoff spot.

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