Four teams battled it out on the basketball court on Saturday for the basketball trophy with Dave’s Pharmacy the overall winner.

However, we were all reminded of who the true winners of this fundraiser are.

At half-time of the championship game, Brenda Davies was awarded a $1,000 check to help her in her battle with cancer. Having only two treatments left, Brenda was able to join this event, surrounded by her family.

Jordan Haas read a heart-felt tribute to Brenda for what she means to our community and to the school kids. Many were choking back tears as Brenda graciously addressed the crowd with “Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Things really do come full circle. Brenda was one of the original members on the board for Bobcats Beating Cancer, which was established in 2012.

Prior to the tournament, this philanthropic organization had contributed $16,000 to 17 Hemingford Alumni.

The Board and the community were the recipients of incredible donations in 2019. There has been $35,0000 provided for 23 Hemingford families.

$4,380 was raised at the Friday night draft for players, which took place at Gus’s Bar. The generous sponsors with bids for their team players were Dave’s Pharmacy, Mobius Communications, Prairie Sky Seed/Wood Construction, and Haas Farms.

This annual tournament and silent auction is the biggest fundraiser for Bobcats Beating Cancer. This year, $11,486 was raised.

However, donations are welcome throughout the year. If you’d like to make a contribution to Bobcats Beating Cancer, you can drop it off at the Hemingford Community Federal Credit Union.

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