Were you one of the lucky Hemingford residents to be “flocked”? If not you surely noticed the flocks of flamingos that made their way from yard to yard over the last couple of weeks, with a sign that said “You’ve been flocked!”

That was this year’s fundraiser for the Hemingford Swim Team. Each year they have chosen a different fundraiser but thanks to such a supportive community the “flocking” fundraiser was by far the most successful as it brought in over $1,000.

“We want to thank the community for their fun spirits and support during the flocking fundraiser,” said Head Swim Coach Ammie Frost. “And thank you to Megan Miles and Mary Curtis for running the fundraising.”

The funds raised will help with the purchase of around 500 medals for the Medal Meet that Hemingford will be hosting this season on July 13th.

“We will be hosting the largest meet of the season July 13th-The Medal Meet,” Frost said. “This will help with the cost of medals for the estimated 200 swimmers that will be racing that day. Plus this helps fund concessions for the season.”

The fundraisers help fund equipment for the concession stand as well; such as the snow cone machine that has proven to be the best investment so far.

“I think last year it was constant snow cones,” she laughed.

The 14 swim team members had their first meet this past weekend. (Results listed below.) Upcoming meets are on June 15 in Torrington, June 22 in Sidney, and June 29 in Alliance.

“This is a veteran group of swimmers that show their work ethic in the water,” Frost said. “Each of them strives to their personal best. They work hard as individuals but they are a tight group of kids that encourage each other as a team. I couldn’t ask for anymore from them. They will have a great year.

This is the seventh year for the Hemingford Swim Team and the second year that Coach Morgan Kuhn has been involved. She is the elementary P. E. Teacher at Hemingford Public Schools.

“We both swam together growing up,” Frost said. “Having Coach K’s help has been a blessing. She brings a lot of insight and has been helpful in perfecting the techniques. The kids know her and know her expectations so they work harder knowing she is there.

For the past three years, Bridget Thompson has helped train the swim team members through dry land/cardio workouts. So when you see them out running give your horn a honk or wave to show your support for the team and their hard work.

“I’m so excited for this season,” Thompson said, “It’s always amazing to see the kids overcome obstacle and fears from previous season, as well as watch them grow as swimmers. Ammie and Morgan are great coaches. They push the kids to do their absolute best as all coaches do, but what’s special, is they make sure all the kids feel the enjoyment of the sport.”

Coach Frost also wanted to thank all of the parents that help during the swim meets by stepping up and helping with timing.

Results from the June 8, 2019 Bridgeport/Rushville Swim Meet in Bridgeport.

Hemingford Swim Team

1 Hartman, Brooke - Age: 8

#37 Women 8&U 25 Back Finals NT 26.49: placed 2

Meet Record: 27.65S

#57 Girls 8&U 25 Breast Finals NT 1:16.10: placed 15

2 Miles, Kail - Age: 11

#21 Girls 11-12 100 Free Finals NT 2:19.16: placed 15

#41 Girls 11-12 50 Back Finals NT 1:20.22: placed 15

#81 Girls 11-12 50 Free Finals 1:06.42 1:06.19: placed 22

3 Stallings, Arielle - Age: 14

#23 Girls 13-14 100 Free Finals 1:31.80 1:42.92: placed 10

#63 Girls 13-14 50 Breast Finals 55.37 1:00.70: placed 7

#73 Women 13-14 100 IM Finals 1:50.99 2:02.55: placed 4

#83 Girls 13-14 50 Free Finals 40.50 43.55: placed 11

4 Thompson, Teagen - Age: 9

#29 Girls 9-10 25 Fly Finals NT 25.68: placed 3

#69 Girls 9-10 100 IM Finals NT 2:19.44: placed 3

#79 Girls 9-10 25 Free Finals NT 24.91: placed 7

5 Trickler, Ava - Age: 13

#44 Women 13-14 50 Back Finals 55.10 1:00.57: placed 10

#63 Girls 13-14 50 Breast Finals 1:07.60 1:05.68: placed 10

#73 Women 13-14 100 IM Finals 2:00.76 2:09.23: placed 6

#83 Girls 13-14 50 Free Finals 40.93 45.31: placed 15

Hemingford Swim Team Total Individual Entries: 16 - Total Relays: 0

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