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Gering Police continue to ask for the public’s help with gathering video and information as officials from more than 16 agencies are search for a Wyoming man who has been missing since Saturday.

Chance Englebert, of Moorcroft, Wyoming, had been reported missing over the weekend. His wife, Baylee Englebert, told the Star-Herald that her husband had last been seen on Saturday, at about 7:30 p.m. He had left the home after becoming upset, she said.

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In an interview with the Star-Herald Wednesday, Baylee Englebert, the wife of Chance Englebert, said the family has gathered an $8,000 reward, hoping for information in Chance’s disappearance. Chance, 25, was last seen at about 8:30 p.m. after he left a Gering home Saturday night.

Baylee encourages anyone with information to contact her at 308-631-4919, or to contact Gering Police at 308-436-5089.

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Searches for a Wyoming man missing since Saturday have been concluded and authorities advise that the operation has “turned to the investigative.”

During a press conference Thursday, Gering Police Chief George Holthus reviewed the efforts by police and other authorities to locate Chance Englebert, 25. Englebert has been missing since Saturday, when he left the home of his wife’s grandparents after an argument. His wife, Baylee, last saw him walking in the 700 block of O Street area.

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Gering Police are circulating a photo that shows a Wyoming man on the date that he went missing.

Chance Englebert, 25, of Moorcroft, Wyoming, has been missing since Saturday, July 6. The man left a Gering residence in the 400 block of O Street at about 7:30 p.m. Saturday. Gering Police have said that video surveillance from businesses show him walking northbound on 10th Street, with the last video showing him at a business near Martha Road at about 7:51 p.m. Cell phone data shows his phone as last being in the vicinity of Owl Road, south of the Western Travel Terminal convenience store, at about 10 p.m.

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